Overview of Enterprise File Sync and Share Solutions

Enterprise File Syncing and Sharing: Getting Started When you own a business, you need the proper solutions for seamless data sharing and communication. Not only do your files need to be accessible by appropriate parties, they need to be kept up-to-date at all times. Enterprise file sync and sharing solutions can provide you with the […]

Best Cloud Storage Alternatives

Saving on the Cloud: What Are Your Other Options? Cloud Storage Shortcomings and Popular Alternatives Storage has always been a popular aspect of technology, as users need space to not only keep their important files and data, but also to keep their devices running smoothly without storing too much data. There have always been innovations […]

Keeping EMS Providers Up-to-date with Resilio

Ever since geographical information systems began working their way into police and fire departments across the country, city administrators have used the tool to keep critical information about the buildings in their jurisdiction at the ready, any time emergency responders need to access them. For those blueprints and maps to be useful, they need to […]

Little Red Schoolhouse

Jacob Farkas needed a solution Apple couldn’t provide him. The Director of Technology at New York City’s Little Red School House and Elisabeth Irwin High School manages hardware and software among 150 faculty and staff members at the school, and Apple had increasingly become less and less capable of keeping the district’s computers up-to-date. Teachers […]

What to Look for when Selecting an EFSS Solution?

When looking for an Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) solution, chances are you may be not only new to the technology – you may also be new to the term itself. EFSS essentially enables individuals to share data of all kinds (photos, music, documents) across multiple devices within a defined infrastructure set by the […]

Data Security Best Practices

With the big data explosion still a thing of the present, the heightened risk of a data breach is top of mind for all individuals. While in a perfect world, there wouldn’t be hackers and cyber criminals looking to wreak havoc for personal gain or just plain enjoyment from being able to do so (see […]

Fastest Way to Sync Files Between Computers

Moving files from one computer to another, especially when changing workstations in business, can be a painstaking experience that needs a person to conjure up all of their patience to accomplish. Bereft of the right tools, the process would be enough for someone to maybe even entertain the thought of just starting anew with each […]

The Benefits of p2p File Collaboration

Software crashes and hardware malfunctions do happen and sometimes this can mean losing an entire system worth of data. Though most people dread the reinstallation that is required to restore their files, backup solutions allow data to be retrieved so the restoration process can begin. These types of solutions are a bit limiting in how […]

File Collaboration: Linking iPhones to Desktops

How to Share Data Between your iPhone and Desktop? There are few devices more popular in the world than the iPhone. With an almost ubiquitous presence due to its easy personal and business use, it is becoming increasingly important for this device to be compatible with other platforms. An article by CNET written by Don […]

Understanding Why Peer to Peer Sync is a Secure Option

How Secure is P2P Syncing? When it comes to transferring data, security is everything. Most people were previously willing to tolerate a little more wait time, or even a slightly more complicated process, as long as they knew their private information won’t be compromised. The landscape for digital data transfers has changed however more and […]