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Infobip Selects Resilio Active Everywhere Platform for Global Communications Network

The platform helped Infobip meet and exceed stringent service level requirements set by its enterprise customers, protecting its reputation as a global leader in omnichannel communications.

Resilio: From BitTorrent offspring to collaboration contender

Resilio was included in a DCIG Top 5 Rising Vendors Multi-Site File Collaboration Solutions Report in February. Here’s what we know about it…

2024-25 DCIG Top 5 Rising Vendors Multi-Site File Collaboration Solutions

An outcome of DCIG’s research in SDS for file storage, the analyst evaluated 18 companies for a multi-site file collaboration solution use-case across 6 different categories…

Navigating the Complexity of AWS Data Transfer Costs

Discover the ins and outs of AWS Data Transfer Costs with Ilan Shamir of Resilio. Learn to save on your AWS transfer costs and more in this comprehensive guide…

Storage and Data Protection News: Introducing Resilio Connect for SharePoint Online

Customers can now use Resilio Connect to sync SharePoint files and libraries with file servers, NAS, and other systems running Resilio agents. Another use case is extending collaboration to 3rd-party contributors—within and outside organizations…

Eric Klinker Of Resilio Inc On The Most Important IT Management Trends of 2023

An Interview With Rachel Kline: Information Technology, the backbone of modern business, is ever-evolving. Each year brings forth new paradigms, methodologies, and innovations, shaping the landscape of IT management…

Post Perspective

Object Matrix and Resilio Partner for Secure Media Assets

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Best file syncing solutions of 2023

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How to set up and speed up Amazon S3 Replication for cross-region data replication…


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10 best cloud storage services and apps for Android


Best Privacy Apps For Android And iOS: Must-Have Apps For 2021

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Storage news ticker – June 6, 2022

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OSNexus QuantaStor Platform Integrates With Resilio to Deliver Real-Time HA Multi-Site File Synchronization

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OSNexus, Resilio Integrate to Provide Real-Time HA Multi-site File Synchronization

Jake Binstein

Resilio Sync – A Fast, Reliable Synchronization Option


Best apps to share files securely

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Peer-To-Peer Storage With A Raspberry Pi And Resilio Sync

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Resilio Sync enables you to sync and share files without the cloud


BitTorrent Spins Off Sync App Into Separate Company to Focus on Media (EXCLUSIVE)

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With the right software, you can build your own cloud storage service

Recent Webinars

Solving Large File Collaboration for Remote Work and Hybrid Work

In this new webinar, we discuss remote work IT challenges and highlight popular use cases for Resilio in remote team environments.

Resilio Connect for VDI Webinar

In this recorded webinar, we explore ways to accelerate replication of VDI user profiles and reduce time-to-desktop by up to 5x.

Sync Servers On Time, in Real-Time

In this webinar, we’ll discuss server sync use cases and deployment scenarios, plus share a live demo of Resilio Connect in action.