Resilio Platform and Sync SharePoint Online with File Servers and NAS

Sync file servers with SharePoint in real-time

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Collaborate Globally — Sync SharePoint Locally

Synchronizing SharePoint files and document libraries with local file servers and NAS is now easier than ever. Resilio creates a seamless bridge between SharePoint online and your file servers located anywhere.

It’s easy to publish, ingest, and sync files; extend collaboration to 3rd-parties; backup SharePoint files on-premises; access files offline—and more. The solution is secure, scales to many millions of files, runs 24x7, and has no dependencies on Microsoft OneDrive.


Publish, ingest, and sync files efficiently anywhere


Work on time all the time—for files of any size and type


Sync many millions of files of any size and type


Protect and encrypt all files in flight end-to-end

Collaborate Globally — Sync SharePoint Locally

Use Cases

Two-way sync between SharePoint and file servers

Automatically synchronize changes from SharePoint to file servers—and from file servers to SharePoint.

Publish files to SharePoint

Publish entire files or file changes one-way from local file servers and file shares to SharePoint. Publish on-demand or automatically.

Ingest files from SharePoint

Collect files from one or more SharePoint sites and SharePoint document libraries to one or more file servers.

Protect and backup files

Keep a complete copy of SharePoint files and document libraries on your local file servers and NAS for backup or as an archive.

Offline access

Make SharePoint document libraries available through file shares on local file servers in case of a network or SharePoint site outage.

3rd-party File Sharing

Collaborate with 3rd-party contributors and other teams within or outside the organization.

Why Resilio Platform for Sharepoint Online

Resilio Platform creates a seamless bridge between Microsoft SharePoint and your on-prem file servers and NAS systems. Syncing multiple SharePoint document libraries with folders and subfolders on local file servers is easy—and vice versa. 

Unlike conventional server sync tools and sync clients, Resilio’s next-generation solution is peer-to-peer (P2P), highly reliable, secure, and automated. Resilio scales to hundreds of millions of files of any type and size. Capacity scales seamlessly across many file servers—and supports any file, block, or object storage. 

Resilo Resilio Platform is a centrally managed, agent-based solution. Each file server runs a Resilio Platform agent. Agents support Microsoft Windows, various NAS systems, Linux, and macOS, among other operating systems. There is no reliance on OneDrive sync—nor is Resilio a replacement for the OneDrive sync app. Users access files and local folders as they usually would in Windows File Explorer and Mac Finder. 

It’s easy to monitor and control bandwidth, adjust sync settings, set notifications, and visualize operations across the organization. Storage connectors are available for Azure and other cloud and on-prem storage providers. Optionally, Resilio Platform replaces Microsoft DFSR for deployments using Microsoft DFS.

Resilio Platform creates a seamless bridge between Microsoft SharePoint and your on-prem file servers and NAS systems.

Advantages & Benefits

Automated to save time

Publish and sync file changes in real-time or on-demand across any location

Set-it-and-forget-it simplicity via the management console, scripting, and APIs

Avoid wait times transferring and sharing files seamlessly and effortlessly

Reliable for peace of mind

Resilient for 24x7 operation keeps users productive, reduces support costs, and simplifies management

Offline access enables users to continue working offline during network interruptions

No reliance on OneDrive - SharePoint synchronization just works reliably 24x7

Scalable for organic growth

Sync files of any size and type — outside of SharePoint online

Transfer and sync up to hundreds of millions of files per agent

Scale organically — Simply add agents to increase capacity and expand usage

Secure and encrypted end-to-end

Built-in security — No reliance on 3rd-party security services or VPNs

Encrypts data in flight end-to-end

100% private with zero dependency on VPNs or third-party security services

“For us, the main thing was fast transfer of data and obviously maintaining the integrity of all the data that we sync to our offices.” — Sebastiaan Sprengers, Lead Tools Programmer @Larian Studios.
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“Our engineers deployed a successful test version in an hour - without reading a ton of manuals - that delivered the best result of all the solutions we tried” — Roman Sakno, Enterprise Architect at Wargaming.
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“Being able to work from home is here to stay. With Resilio in place...we can have a more diverse workforce and give our staff more flexibility.” — Francis Aitken , Senior IT Specialist.
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“We here at Turner Sports like to try new things. If there's something new, I'm always willing to jump into the pool and try it out. Some people are stuck in their old ways and workflows. Well, there might be a better way. For us, that's Resilio.” — Brady Small, Sr. Production Engineer Sports Central Systems.
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“I see Resilio Platform as being absolutely pivotal to the way they work now. The media and entertainment industry is really an ideal opportunity for this technology.” — Abraham Treadwell, Tangelo CEO. (Blockhead's IT Consultants)
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