What is Bidirectional File Sync?

Bidirectional File Syncing: The Basics

How Does Bidirectional File Syncing Work?

When you store files on the cloud, you make them easily accessible no matter where you are or what device you are using. This can make it easier to handle group projects, allow for seamless data access during travel, and also promote cross-device options for data users.

But many people wonder how updating and editing files is handled when said files are saved on the cloud. If you save data in cloud storage and then download it to make changes, what happens to the original copy? Do you have to go back in manually and make changes to the cloud copy as well? With bidirectional file sync solutions, you can ensure that both copies are updated simultaneously to promote accuracy and uniformity with your files.

Understanding the Benefits of Bidirectional File Syncing

File sync software is often talked about in the same regard as cloud storage, however the differences are distinct. When most people store data online, they aren’t doing it to keep the information there for a long time. Cloud storage is usually used to make retrieving files for editing a much easier process. This strategy is especially prominent for enterprise users when employees, clients, and partners need quick access to data.

Bidirectional file syncing involves connecting copies of files in a way that ensures changes reflect data accessed by everyone in real-time. When it comes to folder sync with Linux or other operating systems, you can essentially build your own cloud to make sure any changes you make to a downloaded copy of a file will also be made to the stored copy.

How Bidirectional File Syncing Saves You Time

At any busy organization, the ability to save time is always welcome. When you build your own cloud with Resilio’s syncing solutions, you will be able to save time by setting up your syncing options to meet your needs. With the need for files to be accessed and edited at any rate, you can save a lot of time by making sure updates are made to all copies of a file simultaneously.

Making these types of updates manually is not only time-consuming, but it presents the possibility for errors as well. It is easy to miss out on an important change in one copy of a file, and small oversights like this can have a negative impact on your business’s performance.

Increased Security for Your Data

Many people are hesitant to use cloud solutions because they worry about their data being intercepted by unauthorized parties. When you rely on Resilio’s solutions, you get the secure encryption needed to protect your files and ensure they aren’t taken by data thieves during downloads or uploads.

If you need file sync software you can depend on for quickness, accuracy, and security, consider Resilio. We make file sharing and syncing easy, and provide you with the type of benefits that traditional online cloud storage option lack.

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