Resilio and NetApp

Extend NetApp to Any Cloud—and Locations Everywhere

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Real-time any-direction replication for all NetApp storage platforms & cloud services

Your NetApp customers trust you to choose the right data movement and management solutions. When your customers need to move and sync massive amounts of file and object data at a global scale—across NetApp and third-party systems and services—Resilio has you covered. Resilio extends the reach of NetApp systems to seamlessly replicate files and objects of any size and type across any location—in real-time or on-demand. 

Resilio Platform enables you to provide ongoing value to NetApp customers. Our highly efficient real-time file replication software is well suited to ingest, distribution, multi-site collaboration, and real-time server and storage synchronization.


Overcome extreme latency & loss to move data efficiently


Move files on time all the time—across any type of network


Sync one- or two-way to N-way—across many endpoints


Protect and encrypt all files in flight end-to-end

Why Resilio and NetApp

Our unique peer-to-peer (P2P) architecture extends NetApp storage and cloud services—by reliably replicating larger payloads of any size and type to any number of remote locations, globally. This enables you and NetApp to compete with global file systems (GFS) and other conventional edge caching and storage replication systems.   

Unlike global file systems, Resilio Platform has no reliance on hub-and-spoke architectures. Transfers can be one- or two-way, many-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many. Operators can transfer files directly between endpoints and edge locations. Resilio Platform provides unprecedented control and flexibility for widely distributed data transfers through a single point of management.  

Latency and packet loss are mitigated through our UDP-based WAN optimization protocol. Resilio offers fine-grained bandwidth control, compression, and delta detection. When a file changes, only the delta is transferred. Resilio makes efficient use of allocated bandwidth for optimal transfer performance.

Real-time any-direction replication for all NetApp storage platforms & cloud services

Advantages & Benefits

Real-time, low-latency any-way synchronization

Across many locations

Efficient delta detection and sync speed up replication for massive numbers of files and objects across multiple file systems and buckets

Sync files anywhere and everywhere, irrespective of location and latency

Scale-out on-demand. Add Resilio agents to increase bandwidth to speed up performance

Optimized to overcome extreme latency

Saves time and precious WAN bandwidth.

Transfer on time all the time across any network, overcoming latency and loss

Minimize network traffic to preserve bandwidth and reduce consumption

Obtain full-utilization of bandwidth across any distance

Works reliably across any network—VSAT, cell, WiFI or intermittent connectivity

Automated for easy management

Files are automatically transferred via policies, scripts, and APIs

Single pane of glass RBAC to centrally control and operate global deployments across thousands of endpoints

Visualize and monitor transfers, receive notifications on job progress, and view performance metrics in real-time

Automate transfers through set-it-and-forget-it transfers, APIs, and custom scripting

Interface with 3rd-party management tools such as Ansible, Microsoft SCCM, Splunk, LogRhythm, Loggly, Grafana, and other tools

Secure and encrypted end-to-end

Protect and encrypt all files at rest and in motion

Encrypt and protect payloads in flight using industry-standard cryptographic security

Secure payloads natively - Zero reliance on 3rd-party security services or VPNs.

Centrally monitor system-wide event logging for security audits

Maintain security and flexibility across firewalls - Proxy and port forwarding options are available

“Resilio Platform has been a game changer. It’s proven to be reliable in file transfer, It’s proven to be reliable in database replication. Overall, Resilio Platform jobs are very easy to set up and they just work!” — IT Developer at Lindblad Expeditions
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"From a DR perspective, we likely saved $8.6 million in remote access to our graphics-intensive 3D workstations"— Head of IT, large US-based construction company (name withheld for privacy)
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“In the future, Resilio Platform and its API will vastly improve our database replication mechanism. More importantly, it will allow us to realistically increase the frequency of replication, so that the information passing back and forth comes far more in real-time and we'll be able to automatically remediate the discrepancies.” — Paul Clark, Stena's head of IT
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