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Data is the backbone of a successful logistics operation. After all, that is what your business is hired to comb through on a daily basis. You use numbers and analytics to crunch data to come up with a detailed plan for your clients or your own company.

Does your logistics firm currently use wireless or cloud services to share all that data?

If so, you may be at risk.

Today, more companies are storing and sending their information and data using cloud technology. But, what if someone were to access that cloud and the data it contains? How do you protect sensitive numbers and possibly confidential information?

Welcome Resilio Connect

Resilio Connect was designed for the average enterprise that wants to share excessive amounts of data without latency, network issues, and of course, cloud security.

With Resilio Connect, you harness the power of peer-to-peer networks within a private infrastructure. No clouds, no wireless data to tap, and 100% reliability.

Our flagship service works on LAN and WAN connections and skips the hassles and pitfalls of conventional architectures.

Resilio Connect is the product of a resilient, extremely reliable, high-performance file transfer protocol that powers through network failures, high volume transfers, and more.

Access to Mission Critical Data in Seconds - Not Days

One reason more logistics firms are using Resilio Connect is the fact that historical data, inventories, and analytics are sent to other devices in the network at lightning speeds. No more waiting a day for the average cloud service to backup and transfer a large file. Your data is also reliably stored, as the p2p architecture ensures data is accessible despite slow or even failed networks.

Instead, you have instant access to the data your company needs to devise strategic plans and streamline everything from order picking to delivery to transportation routes.

Move Troops, Inventory, and Commercial Goods

Whether you are a government agency working to move and supply troops, or you are a consumer goods organization looking to transport your products to customers, the logistics department is one that you rely heavily on.

When logistics team members have direct access to data, without the risk of that data being compromised on a cloud-based network, you take your company a step further from the competition.

Benefits to Resilio for Logistics

  • 100% reliability. Lost connection? Resilio instantly syncs and resumes when the connection is restored.
  • Scalability for your logistics firm. The more inventory, data, or employees you add will be no match for the vast capabilities of Resilio.
  • Innovative central management tools. Monitor your dashboard, setup policies, schedule when items are moved, and add as many clients and team members you need to succeed.


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