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Work faster remotely and in the office

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Low-latency and workflow-friendly—for fast and easy file access from any location

Using Resilio Platform, working from home and on the road is just as fast and familiar as working in the office. Your workflows are the same. Fast “local-like” access to files and folders keeps teams productive from any location. Simply connect your desktop or mobile device to the network. Resilio Platform rapidly synchronizes your files and folders with people and places you define.


Works with familiar tools on Windows and MacOS.


Works the same at home and in the office. Use the same tools and the same way to access files from any location.

Faster Applications

Users and applications have fast, local-like performance accessing files at home and in the office.

Automatic Sync

Files sync quickly and automatically to wherever they need to be.

Workflow-friendly for Creative Teams

Resilio Platform works with a variety of digital media tools and creative software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Pro Tools and Media Composer.

With Resilio Platform, your applications and workflows just work as they would in the office--but now users can have fast access to files from remote locations.

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"We're able to have people downloading at full speed and then sending that data back to the team working on rigs, models or textures. We've got our whole remote pipeline built around using Resilio Platform."
— Luke Marchant, Head of Technology at Sunrise Productions

Resilio Platform works with a variety of digital media tools and creative software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Pro Tools and Media Composer.

Blazing Fast Low-latency Access and Real-time Sync

Tired of waiting for files to download or synchronize? Resilio enables fast low-latency access to files for applications, workflows, and end-users. Your files are there when you need them most, working under deadlines or on a big project. Resilio Platform never fails, from moving a few files to synchronizing many millions of files.

Non-disruptively sync and protect up to hundreds of millions of files across locations and disaster recovery sites.

Do More from Home & On The Road

Being productive is a lot easier when your files are always up-to-date and there when you need them, from wherever you happen to be working on a given day. 

Resilio Platform works behind the scenes synchronizing files of any size so you can focus on work and have immediate access to your high-value files all of the time.

"I think the concept of people being more distributed and being able to work from home is here to stay. With Resilio in place and building in other aspects around it to make the content secure, we've achieved that in such a way that we can have a more diverse workforce and give our staff more flexibility with how they can work in the future."
— Steve Morris, Director of Engineering at Skywalker Sound

Do More from Home & On The Road Using Resilio Platform

Easy to Install & Use

Resilio Platform installs on your desktop or mobile device running Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, and other platforms. 

You manage files and folders using Windows File Explorer, Apple Finder, or the file management tools provided with your laptops, desktops, or mobile devices.

"One of the biggest things I like about Resilio is that I can keep a local onsite copy of whatever they're working on. They get the fast and easy access of having it on the local server, and then all the changes—everything—gets synced back to Atlanta. They fly home, and it looks like they were working at their desk the whole time."
— Brady Small, Sr. Production Engineer at Sports Central Systems

Keeps Files Secure and Protected

All file synchronization operations are secure and encrypted end-to-end.

Resilio is TPN Blue certified, and SOC2 certified, and is trusted by leading companies to handle highly sensitive content. 

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We use TLS 1.2 with the latest encryption algorithms (AES-256) to ensure the security of the data in transit

Why this Matters to IT

Resilio’s solution for remote and hybrid work unifies the workflow experience across any location: from home offices to central offices to working on the road. Resilio Platform gives IT control over remote and hybrid work through automation, centralization, visualization, and monitoring. The solution accelerates file synchronization performance in real-time for two-way to omni-directional synchronization. Security and reliability are built-in, ensuring data integrity and protecting data at rest and in transit across all devices and remote locations.

Automation for file synchronization, distribution, and consolidation

Automate and centrally monitor and manage all file movement through an enterprise-wide management console. All synchronization and other jobs can be completely automated through the Resilio Management Console.  Optionally, Resilio offers a complete API set to expose and automate all functions performed by the management Console via a RESTful API.

Centrally control all job functions

Using a centralized management console, IT creates and runs jobs, controls bandwidth, sets permissions, and deploys job instructions across the organization. Once jobs are running, Administrators are able to monitor and collect statistical data globally.  Events and notifications can be tracked and collected in reports and sent via email. Integrate popular management frameworks such from Microsoft, Splunk, LCE, among others.

Beyond file backup: real-time file sync

Resilio Platform enables omni-directional, real-time synchronization that keeps up to many millions of files and folders synchronized across any location and storage media (hard drives, flash drives, DAS, SAN, NAS, and cloud storage) in any direction: one-way, two-way, one-to-many, or many-to-many.    Remote workers’ files are always protected across all other endpoints participating in synchronization jobs.  Jobs include distribution, consolidation, scripting, and synchronization.

Synchronize many millions of files across file systems and locations

Scale to synchronize many millions of files and a variety of file sizes, from small to extremely large files across a variety of file systems and platforms. The solution supports cross-platform desktop, mobile, server, and/or cloud services environments. Unlike conventional tools, Resilio Platform is purpose-built for replicating data at scale and in real-time across Windows, Mac, Linux, NAS) with a variety of cloud storage offerings or on-premises storage.

Secure remote work deployments

Unlike a VPN, Resilio Platform offers end-to-end security on the file and file system level providing encryption at rest and in transit. Optionally, deployments may be air gapped for maximum security. There is no reliance on 3rd party security functionality or cloud services.

Cloud file sync to cloud storage

With Resilio Platform, using cloud storage is as easy as using your own desktop. Users can efficiently upload, download, and sync files to the cloud. You can browse and view files in the cloud before downloading or sharing them. Files can be automatically synchronized to popular cloud providers including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google GCP, Wasabi, and Backblaze, among others.

“Now we no longer have to ask editors to stop working or “remote in” to their machines. With Resilio, it all just works!”— Kevin Otte, post-production supervisor @Delirio Films
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“Being able to work from home is here to stay. With Resilio in place...we can have a more diverse workforce and give our staff more flexibility.” — Francis Aitken , Senior IT Specialist.
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“We here at Turner Sports like to try new things. If there's something new, I'm always willing to jump into the pool and try it out. Some people are stuck in their old ways and workflows. Well, there might be a better way. For us, that's Resilio.” — Brady Small, Sr. Production Engineer Sports Central Systems.
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“The fact that we can actually saturate our line speed to send data across the world is a huge win for us.” — Luke Marchant, Sunrise Productions' Head of Technology
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"We were able to turn around graphic proofs quicker based on our staff’s availability, versus forcing it through a bottleneck at a specific office. Resilio Platform has made us more efficient" — Ken Brubacher, Project Manager.
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“I see Resilio Platform as being absolutely pivotal to the way they work now. The media and entertainment industry is really an ideal opportunity for this technology.” — Abraham Treadwell, Tangelo CEO. (Blockhead's IT Consultants)
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