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Case Studies

Our enterprise solutions are trusted by 100s of business customers worldwide. Learn how they utilize them to improve their day-to-day operations.

Northern Marine Group

Resilio Connect enabled Northern Marine Group to potentially save millions by reducing time to compliance by 92%.

Turner Sports

Resilio Connect enables Turner Sports to do quick graphic edits for live sports from their Atlanta headquarters.


Resilio Connect enables Blockhead to maximize productivity and resources across multiple locations

Larian Studios

Resilio Connect enables Larian Studios to speed game development by moving data 5x faster between locations


VoiceBase Reduces Code Distribution Time across 400 servers by 88% with Resilio Connect.


Wargaming speeds up game build releases with Resilio Connect by quickly synchronizing 50GB game builds between 20 offices.

Sunrise Productions

Sunrise Productions improves global partner productivity with Resilio Connect’s fast and cost-effective file sync solution


Mercedes-Benz slashed their OS deployment time from eight days to a few hours and avoided the cost of expensive servers by using Resilio Connect.

Buckeye Power Sales

With Resilio Connect, Buckeye is able to successfully update their 160 plus remote workers with the latest content in a few hours vs. a few days, making them more effective.

Ross Maritime

By eliminating physical media, Resilio Connect has saved many man-years in lost productivity and provides the peace of mind the data is accessible and secure.

Lindblad Expeditions

Lindblad, a National Geographic fleet operator, uses Resilio Connect for nature photography and logistics.

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Demos & Tutorials

Learn how to get the most out of Resilio Connect powerful features

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About Our Technology

Learn more about what makes Resilio Connect a faster, more reliable, and more scalable file transfer and synchronization solution.

File Transfer Time Calculator

Estimate your file transfer time and compare it to Resilio's transfer technology, which typically reduces the transfer time by 2-10x.

Why P2P is Faster?

Learn how we combine peer to peer, rsync-like delta encoding, and WAN Optimization, three of the most powerful data transmission technologies, into one single solution.

Real-Time File Synchronization

Learn how to implement a scalable real-time synchronization solution for any file, folder or app size, over any network infrastructure.

Resilio Connect WAN Optimization White Paper

What is WAN optimization and its benefits? Learn how to achieve WAN optimized file transfer and sync with maximum speed and reliability.

Product Comparisons

Learn how Resilio Connect compares to other common file transfer & sync tools.

Compare Resilio's Business Class File Sync Solutions

Compare Resilio Connect and Sync Business to see what file sync platform is right for your organization.

A DFSR Alternative: Fast & Resilient P2P File Replication with Connect

Learn about DFSR’s limitations and see how it compares to Resilio Connect.

IBM Aspera Alternative: Fast File Transfer of Large Files

See how Resilio Connect compares to Aspera and which solution is best for different use cases.

A Robocopy Alternative

Learn about Robocopy’s limitations and see how it compares to Resilio Connect

Rsync Alternative

Learn about Rsync’s limitations and see how it compares to Resilio Connect.

A GoodSync Alternative

Learn about GoodSync’s limitations and see how it compares to Resilio Connect.

Deployment Guides

Obtain a better understanding of how Resilio Connect can be deployed

Hands-On Guide to Improving SCCM Distribution with Resilio Connect

See ways to improve SCCM Distribution Points and some scenarios where Resilio Connect could be an SCCM alternative.


Learn how Resilio Connect provides industry leading security, validated by 3rd parties

Resilio Connect Security White Paper

Securely transfer files over end-to-end encrypted connections. State of the art data security that was reviewed and verified by 3rd party security experts.

Resilio Security Scorecard Report

View the details of Resilio's "A" rating from SecurityScorecard, an award winning, global leader in cybersecurity ratings and the only service with over a million companies continuously rated.