Back in the day, everything you put into Dropbox was synced to all of your computers. As more cloud storage solutions arrived, they behaved the same way. Users eventually demanded that some files sync but not others, and "selective sync" was born. You
Trevor Walters, Vice President at Ross Maritime, shares how his organization uses Resilio Sync (formerly BitTorrent Sync) to keep critical documents synchronized between vessels, ports, and their central office:

Ross Maritime is a shipping agency headquartered
It doesn’t take reading through lengthy technical documents to understand why Docker's flexible technology is creating buzz throughout the developer community.

With Docker and an understanding of the word “container”, you can get a clear picture of
We’ve received many requests from the Sync community to be able to install Sync on a Linux family OS in the "Linux way" -- using packages and a standard tool (yum or apt-get) to get the package downloaded and installed.

We’re thankful for the packages