File Gateway for Transparent Access to Object Storage

Present object storage as files and folders across any location

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Sync on-demand to maximize storage efficiency & minimize data egress

Unify object storage across your on-premises and cloud infrastructure through a file gateway or directly from local desktops. Resilio makes cloud storage as easy to use as a local file share. Your files are always protected, current, and where you need them—when you need them.


Overcome latency to access and sync files efficiently on-demand


Pool object storage services from any vendor and location


Seamlessly access and connect users and apps to data


Protect and encrypt all files in flight end-to-end

Use Cases

Multi-cloud file storage gateway

Resilio installs on existing file servers and NAS systems in your data center. Data access to object storage is transparent to users.  

Hybrid in-office and remote work

Optimize access and sync files in object storage from desktops running Apple macOS, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. 

Hybrid cloud storage archive

Store infrequently accessed files in long-term object storage and keep active file sets on your on-premises file servers.

Remote office file cache

Efficiently cache and update frequently accessed files at remote offices—to enable rapid and reliable online and offline access.

Data migration & consolidation to object storage

Migrate and consolidate files in object storage to free up space on local on-premises storage and NAS systems. 

Disaster recovery

Use the public cloud or your on-premises data center to sync on-demand or in real-time to protect files 24x7 for hot site disaster recovery.

Resilio’s File Gateway to Object Storage

Hundreds of data-intensive organizations depend on Resilio to securely and reliably sync files from their on-premises data centers to cloud storage and beyond. Resilio’s file gateway to object storage simplifies using your choice of object storage from any location, including your on-premises data center, remote offices, or directly in the cloud. 

The software-only file gateway installs on popular servers and desktops. Your organization securely controls how users access the cloud: either through a centralized file gateway, such as a file server, or directly from their local desktop for remote access.  Resilio’s file gateway works with S3 and other popular object storage platforms—from AWS, Azure Blobs, Google Object Storage, Cloudian, Ceph, MinIO, VAST Data, Wasabi, and Weka IO, among others.  

To save space and reduce data egress traffic, infrequently accessed files remain in object storage. When files are needed, they can be fully or partially downloaded, or selectively synchronized with other storage, such as an on-premises NAS system. When files change, you can synchronize changes back to object storage and with everyone at once. 

Advantages and Benefits

Optimize file access and sync

Selectively retrieve, cache, and synchronize files on-demand or automatically

Right-size data egress through on-demand retrieval and sync—to keep costs low.  

Overcome latency to obtain full-utilization of bandwidth across any distance. 

Save space on local storage. Cache only what you need on-premises.

Unify object storage located anywhere

Use any object storage service with any file or block storage on-premises.

Multi-cloud ready. Use any S3-compatible cloud object storage and any public cloud. 

Runs on any server as a VM or physical server running Windows, Linux, and select NAS systems. 

Use your choice of desktop OS - Windows Server, Linux, Unix, and macOS.

Simplify management and access

Users and apps seamlessly connect to files and folders from any device.

Workflow friendly. Users and applications access files via SMB or NFS or direct from their local desktops.

Transparent. It’s easy to manage files and folders using Windows Explorer, Mac Finder, and popular file management tools. 

Automated and centralized management. Control and monitor all jobs on a schedule, scripting, or via a complete API set.

Secure and protect data end-to-end

Protect and encrypt all files at rest and in motion

Built-in native system security. No reliance on 3rd-party security services or VPNs.

Highest levels of data protection, data integrity, and encryption for files in transit.   

Recent certifications include SOC2 Type 1.

Proxy Server option for firewalls and port forwarding.