Resilio Connect File Transfer Time Calculator

Resilio Connect's data transfer protocol is optimized to overcome latency, loss, and dropped connections. Long distance connections bring high latency and some loss. Similar behavior happens when connecting over Satellite or 4G/LTE. Resilio Connect utilizes 100% of the available bandwidth in your network independent of distance, latency, or loss. Legacy transfer protocols degrade by 50-90% over lossy or latent networks.

Try our transfer speed calculator to see how much time we can save in your environment.


Sending 1GB file to 10 endpoints over 1 Gbps link.

File Transfer Time

Gbps | 1GB file to 10 endpoints over 1 Gbps link (150ms latency, 0.5% Packet Loss)

Resilio Connect uses a combination of technologies to optimize the transfer rate. It combines the following technologies into a single solution:

  • Peer to peer networking,
  • Rsync-like delta encoding,
  • Data compression, and
  • WAN Optimization.

This way we can transfer large amount of data and large files over any internet connection at an optimal data transfer rate.

The solution also works where latency and loss are not an issue. The p2p architecture greatly improves transfer time. By better utilizing idle network connections effective bit rate is improved. By spreading CPU and disk IO activity over multiple endpoints, we prevent transfer bottlenecks. In a typical deployment we reduce the overall transfer speed by a factor of 2-10x.

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