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Real-time Replication for all NetApp Storage Platforms & Cloud Services

Our unique peer-to-peer (P2P) architecture extends NetApp storage and cloud services—by reliably replicating larger payloads of any size and type to any number of remote locations, globally. This enables you and NetApp to compete with global file systems (GFS) and other conventional edge caching and storage replication systems.   

Unlike global file systems, Resilio Platform has no reliance on hub-and-spoke architectures. Transfers can be one- or two-way, many-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many. Operators can transfer files directly between endpoints and edge locations. Resilio Platform provides unprecedented control and flexibility for widely distributed data transfers through a single point of management.  

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Latency and packet loss are mitigated through Resilio’s UDP-based WAN optimization protocol. Resilio offers fine-grained bandwidth control, compression, and deduplication. When a file changes, only the delta is transferred. Resilio makes efficient use of allocated bandwidth for optimal transfer performance.  

Universal File Delivery for Enterprise IT

Resilio Platform is 100% locally-installed software - easily integrated into a wide variety of storage and cloud solutions to deliver resilient, fast, and scalable file delivery. Our peer-to-peer technology and vendor-agnostic solution makes Resilio the ideal technology to expand the feature-set of existing platforms.

“Our engineers deployed a successful test version in a hour - without reading a ton of manuals - that delivered the best result of all the solutions we tried”
— Roman Sakno, Enterprise Architect at  Wargaming

Non-disruptively sync and protect up to hundreds of millions of files across locations and disaster recovery sites.

Make Migration a Breeze

Cloud migrations don’t happen overnight. Adding Resilio to your toolkit enables customers to migrate data quickly and efficiently, and also continue to keep it in sync bi-directionally across the edge, data center, and cloud - allowing customers to complete their transition to the cloud at their own pace.

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“I see Resilio Platform as being absolutely pivotal to the way Blockhead works now. The media and entertainment industry is really an ideal opportunity for this technology.”
“It allows Blockhead to work in a way that just doesn't happen in a lot of facilities. Competing solutions have a more complicated pathing scheme.” — Abraham Treadwell, Tangelo CEO. (Blockhead's IT Consultants)
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“Clearly the work environment has changed recently and with all of our users working from home, our setup using ZDAM and Resilio allowed our users to head home, be safe and continue to seamlessly work.”
“We have a true partner in Resilio. Their team is comprised of innovative thinkers, they foster a collaborative environment, and together we are problem solvers which is the ultimate benefit to our clients.”
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