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As a retailer, you know that you rely heavily on data for your day-to-day operations. Whether it is tracking inventory, looking up customer accounts, or fulfilling orders, you have valuable information you need access to instantly. Most retail locations work with distributors, franchises, or other retail locations; therefore, you need a solution that allows you to access customer data regardless of what location you are in.

The Issue for Retailers

As a retailer, you have a lot of data to move, but you may not have access to the best network. From distribution information to security footage to software updates, there is data that you cannot afford to lose “in the cloud” or wait for email servers to process.

Instead, you need a reliable solution that allows you to send and receive large files in a matter of minutes - not days or hours. You may have hundreds of locations from around the world contributing as well, and you need a way to access all that information. Retail organizations need:

  • Ease of Distribution - Resilio Connect can reliably distribute large updates (5-10GB) to 100s of branches and 1000s of workstations. Connect is used to deliver anything from OS updates, product specs, etc.
  • Consolidation - retail organizations need to collect files from each store or branch and consolidate that into a central hub that feeds the organization’s main source of data (ie. central office). Whether that means transaction logs or CCTV footage for staff and customer safety, you need to know that you’re able to transfer and access these materials securely and reliably.
  • Uniformity - Retailers need to be able to control the “configuration” of each store (price list, special deals, menus, etc.). Resilio Connect enables our retail clients to communicate these messages and quickly offer unique configuration files to every store quickly, through an organization’s private infrastructure.

How Resilio Connect Helps Retailers Connect, Succeed, and Sell

Resilio Connect was designed for retailers. Using peer-to-peer technology, you don’t have to worry about single point failures or failure if one end of the network goes offline. Instead, everything resumes from the moment the connection returns. Using the private infrastructure, your data moves three times faster compared to conventional methods.

Just some features that benefit your retail chain or boutique include:

  • Data delivery regardless of high latency or poor upload speeds.
  • No cloud storage - so no risk of cyber-attacks.
  • Class leading administrative console for data distribution, synchronization, and consolidation.
  • 100% reliability and no single point failures.
  • End-to-end encryption for all file transfers.
  • Easy to install with a single app and train employees in minutes - not hours.
  • Scales to handle thousands of customers and millions of files.
  • Seamless transfer through firewalls, VPNs, and all networks. Cross compatible with platforms too!

Imagine having all of your company’s specific sales data at your fingertips. Better yet, your trusted staff has the same info at theirs. Think of what it would be like to update chains on new promotions and provide franchisees with promotional material in a click.

Resilio Connect can do all of that.


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