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Ship to Shore Data Replication
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Resilio Connect syncs data and controls apps over any network connection

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Fast and Automatic Data Transfer from Ship to Shore and Back

Automatic, real-time transfers of data sets from ship to shore at the full available bandwidth regardless of the internet connection, round-trip delay and packet loss. No limit on the file size or the number of files. Resilio Connect's transfer protocol is optimized for high-speed transfer and will automatically ramp up to use the full bandwidth of WiFi when available.

Marine navigational officer or technician is using laptop or notebook at sea. talk with logistics control center
Marine service technician or serviceman near VSAT terminal on deck of vessel or ship. He is working on laptop or notebook

Robust to Network Outages

Connect’s fault-tolerant transfer protocol automatically resumes every failed transfer until the job is 100% completed. The automatic retry resumes from the point of interruption and makes efficient use of the costly satellite data network.

Download Only The Files That You Need

Fast, ad hoc downloads of critical files and data sets from shore to ship through the native file system browser interface.  This enables simple file sharing and data collection and synchronization over low bandwidth VSAT links.

file distribution from hq to ship and back over WAN & LAN

Designed for Multi-homed Networks

Resilio Connect makes optimal use of the multiple networks available on the ship.  It can be configured to minimize the usage of satellite links, make more use of cellular,  and take full advantage of WiFi connection.  On the ship, it is capable of syncing data P2P on the LAN without any use of the WAN connections.

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100% Guaranteed Data Integrity

The Resilio protocol guarantees data is transferred with 100% integrity even with low-quality connectivity including high packet loss and disconnects. Data transmission integrity is verified using cryptographic hashing of each file chunk and each complete file.

Consolidate data from multiple vehicles or remote locations with Connect’s robust data consolidation system. Stop wasting time waiting for vehicles to come in close proximity to pull their data or relying on manual data collection.

Resilio WAN Optimization - Micro Transport Protocol

Resilo’s Micro Transport Protocol (µTP2) was designed to overcome the deficiencies of TCP/IP over latent and lossy WAN connections. The µTP2 protocol architecture is based on a bulk transfer strategy, where the sender sends packets periodically with a fixed packet delay to create a uniform packet distribution in time and uses a congestion control algorithm to calculate the ideal send rate.

There is no acknowledgment for every packet, instead, the protocol uses interval acknowledgment for a group of packets with additional information about lost packets. This acknowledgment combined with periodical RTT (Round Trip Time) probing informs the congestion control algorithm and keeps an optimal sending rate.

Workflow Integration and Automation

Resilio Connect enables the integration of scripts in transfer jobs. Each job has 3 scripting triggers: prior to starting a transfer job, after a machine completes a transfer, and after all machines complete a transfer.  This is an easy and powerful mechanism that enables integrating Connect with your existing workflow.

RESTful API exposes all the GUI functionality pragmatically and gives the ability to create jobs, execute jobs, query status, and more.

Enterprise Management

Connect’s Management Console provides a comprehensive view of all transfer jobs. You can view real-time performance metrics, drill into the status of individual endpoints, and review the history of all executed jobs in your network.  Connect maintains a complete audit trail and event logs that are stored in a standard JSON format that is compatible with event processing solutions like Splunk, LogRythm, and Loggly.

End-to-end Security

End-to-end encryption between mutually authenticated machines is used to guarantee the security and privacy of data on the wire. The 100% on-prem solution with no cloud or 3rd party devices involved gives you complete control over the security of the information.

Run on any OS. Windows, Linux, OSX, iOS, Android, and all major NAS solutions.

Resilio Cross-Platform Capabilities

Resilio runs on any OS. Windows, Linux, OSX, Android, FreeBSD, and all major NAS solutions are supported. The application is resource-efficient and can deliver high-performance data transfer even on low-end, single-board devices like Raspberry Pi.

Set bandwidth usage limits based on time-of-day or day-of-week. Create different schedules profiles for different jobs and agent groups.

Bandwidth Scheduler

Set bandwidth usage limits based on time-of-day or day-of-week. Create different schedules profiles for different jobs and agent groups.

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Use Case #1 - Application Patching over VSAT Links

One of the world’s largest marine construction companies has deployed a comprehensive solution of Resilio Connect software on approximately 30 of its vessels to enable high speed, reliable transfer of data and applications from shore to ship and back.


Delivering software updates and patching 100s of endpoints on dozens of vessels at sea using SCCM was failing.  High latencies, connection drops, and limited bandwidth of the satellite links prevented SCCM from doing its job.


Resilio Connect offered a way to use SCCM over VSAT.  The reliable file transfer protocols made it possible to send application patches and OS images over the intermittent satellite connection. Once each vessel received an update, Resilio Connect distributed it to every endpoint on the vessel over the local network. Resilio Connect was a perfect replacement for the vessels SCCM Distribution Points.  With Connect installed, updating vessels in the ocean became as reliable and as fast as updating office PCs.The company also took advantage of Resilio's scripting capabilities to remote control application deployment and operating systems upgrades.


Use Case #2 - Vessel Document Management & Compliance

Ross Maritime is a shipping agency headquartered in Mobile, Alabama that specializes in streamlining the passage of passenger and commercial vessels through various ports.


The nature of the work requires close coordination with a myriad of government agencies, from US Customs to the individual Port Authority that oversees each harbor. Each public agency and private ship management company requires careful tracking of documents like customs forms, cargo manifests, and passenger logs. It’s essential that this sensitive data is kept secure and updated. Before Resilio it exclusively used USB thumb drives to move data back and forth between vessels in port and the central office. This was secure but incredibly cumbersome and time-consuming.

Ship at sea


Resilio offered an ideal solution for the vessel document management challenge.  An instance of Resilio runs on a central Linux server in the main office that syncs data to Android tablets used as endpoints. They can easily push new documents from the server to the endpoints, and when an employee updates a bill of lading or other documents in the field, they don’t need to do anything and data is automatically synced back to the central office. With Resilio, data moves even when connectivity is poor and the application uses very little resources on the tablets. No more thumb drives or laptops to bring back and forth! Resilio has saved literally hours in lost productivity and provides the peace of mind that the data will both be accessible and secure.


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