Data center, cloud, and edge unified

Use the storage you have today to get active, current, and accessible file-based data everywhere you work.
Get active, current, and accessible file-based data everywhere you work using the storage you have today.

Active Everywhere Platform

From hybrid work to hybrid cloud, gain easy and unified access to files wherever they are stored—in a data center, in the cloud, or on edge networks—across any distance.

High-performance at scale

Resilio transfers and synchronizes files in parallel at unprecedented speeds—up to 10x faster than client-server. Increase bandwidth to increase performance.
Scales fluidly
Scale to transfer and synchronize payloads of any size and type—and up to hundreds of millions of files. Simply add Resilio agents to increase performance and capability.
Built-in WAN optimization overcomes latency and loss to reliably and predictably transfer files in fixed timeframes—using any type of network—VSAT, Cell, WiFI, and high-speed Internet.


Global file caching
Using policy-based file caching, simplify and speed up global file synchronization. Centrally control and automate global file caching. Hydrate, dehydrate, and pin files based on location and project.
Complete API set
Resilio provides comprehensive automation through the user interface, extensible command-line scripting, and an extensive API set.
Data governance
Unify data across storage silos to control and visualize global file operations. Through centrally controlled policies, ensure your employees have access to the right files—at the right time—in the right locations.
Data center storage
Network attached storage
Local storage
Cloud storage
Edge devices
Easy to operate
Resilio is easy to manage and monitor at any scale. Through an easy-to-use management console, administrators configure and automate jobs. Once running, Resilio just works—for set-it-and-forget-it operations.

Unified Access

Easy to use
Resilio works with tools you already know and use. Managing files and folders feels familiar, using the tools included with your OS, including Windows Explorer and Mac Finder.
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Hybrid work ready
Hybrid teams can work from anywhere—in the office or remotely. Desktop caching further streamlines workflows, so teams have fast access to their files from any location.
Hybrid cloud ready
Resilio unifies data across hybrid infrastructure, providing seamless access to files and folders everywhere, using any storage and cloud. Use any on-premises IT infrastructure—servers, storage, and networks—with any cloud.
Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure
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Dependable & Secure

24x7 global support
Our global, award-winning Resilio support and engineering team is as dependable as the platform. Resilio customers have guidance and access to help whenever needed 24x7. A variety of support plans are available.
Just works reliability
Reliability is built into every aspect of the system. Resilio is resilient to and endures network and node failures. If a failure occurs, Resilio dynamically routes around it. There’s no single point of failure in the system.
Secure by design
Resilio provides built-in security and uses AES-256 encryption end-to-end. The Resilio platform does not rely on third-party security services or VPNs. The platform provides perfect forward secrecy and is airgap-ready.
Observable & visible
The Resilio platform management console provides complete visibility and observability into all global transfers and data flows. Administrators centrally track, monitor, control, and visualize operations across all locations.

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