Universal File Delivery for the Enterprise

Unify, control, and accelerate global file data, securely

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Server Synchronization in Real-Time

Sync Servers Across Sites Faster

Resilio Connect syncs hundreds of servers and millions of files, to multiple locations, without slowing down.

Working From Home at Company-Wide Scale

Fast and Scalable Remote Data Access

Resilio Connect presents a common and consistent view of your corporate file system locally for each remote worker.

Fast and Reliable DFSR Replacement

Predictable Replication

Resilio Connect is a high-performance replacement for Microsoft Windows DFSR that offers speed, reliability, and visibility.

Real-time Synchronization for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Active-Active High Availability for VDI

Resilio Connect enables active-active HA, rapid user login, and simplified management for multi-site VDI environments, using any storage.

Fast Build Distribution for Global Software Development

Build Distribution and Sync Solution for DevOps

The fastest build distribution solution for global software development that enables build delivery times to be cut in half.

Why Resilio?

Resilio’s universal file delivery system gives enterprises a proven path to accelerate innovation, optimize IT, and reduce the cost of operating enterprise-wide file distribution, collection, and synchronization. Through an open, location-independent design, Resilio Connect securely unifies the edge, core, and cloud, enabling IT to gain control of globally distributed assets, automate data management, and accelerate transfer performance by up to 20x over conventional tools, across any location and IP network.

Accelerate performance

Scale-out data movement in real-time at allocated speeds across any network and location.

Unify IT

Cohesively unify edge devices with on-premise servers and storage--and popular cloud providers.

Secure and protect data end-to-end

Protect and ensure data integrity for all file data across all locations; optionally encrypt and air gap data.

Control data

Centrally manage, monitor, visualize, and automate data movement across any number of endpoints.