Connecting Massive Data Flows

Scalable and Customized Data Transfer & Synchronization Solutions

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Server Synchronization in Real-Time

Sync Servers Across Sites Faster

Resilio Connect syncs hundreds of servers and millions of files, to multiple locations, without slowing down.

Work Faster Remotely From Anywhere

Fast and Scalable Remote Data Access

Resilio Connect presents a common and consistent view of your corporate file system locally for each remote worker.

Fast and Reliable DFSR Replacement

Predictable Replication

Resilio Connect is a high-performance replacement for Microsoft Windows DFSR that offers speed, reliability, and visibility.

Real-time Synchronization for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Active-Active High Availability for VDI

Resilio Connect enables active-active HA, rapid user login, and simplified management for multi-site VDI environments, using any storage.

Fast Build Distribution for Global Software Development

Build Distribution and Sync Solution for DevOps

The fastest build distribution solution for global software development that enables build delivery times to be cut in half.

What We Do?

We connect edge nodes, data centers and cloud computing better than any other solution in the market. We maximize computing power for your data across every edge device.

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Why This Matters?

98% of all computing, mobile devices and IoT devices are now at the edge—outside the cloud where data often becomes invisible, scattered or stuck. Most of the world's data storage is at the network edge.

Why Our Solution Wins?

Competing solutions lack our combined technologies to amplify and make parallel the movement and processing of data flows, enabling us to uniquely move massive amounts of data across the edge.

Why Customers Care?

The edge is everywhere people live and work and all the routes between. It is the global infrastructure of business. The customer experience, enhanced by machine learning and artificial intelligence happens at the edge. The primary source of the data that drives customer results is at the edge of the network.

What Markets Are We In?

Our customer use cases include: data processing between remote locations, smart connected devices, data streams for lifecycle builds in development of software, media and gaming, global server synchronization and fleets of supervised and autonomous vehicles.

What's Required?

Our software runs on Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, IOS, and other internet of things operating systems. For administration we run as SaaS in cloud or on premises.

What Are Our Edge Computing Solutions?

Our flagship product for enterprise is Resilio Connect.™ We also have a reduced-feature offering called Sync™ for small business.

About Resilio, Inc.

Resilio (formerly BitTorrent Sync) delivers powerful solutions using our unique private cloud software built on core BitTorrent technology. For well over 15 years, BitTorrent has been the leading technology to deliver large files over the Internet. BitTorrent Sync was the world’s first product to harness this powerful protocol for commercial purposes and Resilio expands on this mission.

Our mission is to make big data available at the edge wherever your customers and employees interact. We carry the weight of the world’s data on your behalf. We make it effortless for you to synchronize, distribute, collect and collaborate across clouds and at every endpoint.

We connect edge nodes, data centers and cloud computing better than any other solution in the market. We maximize computing power for your data across every edge device. For a wide array of data and endpoint orchestration applications (such as large file collaboration, file sync, folder sync, automated backup, and sending large files faster and more securely), Resilio offers the industry leading and fastest private cloud solution trusted by millions of consumers and thousands of business worldwide.