Universal file delivery that powers the world’s most creative games

With Resilio Connect, Larian Studios syncs game builds 5x faster between servers, NAS devices, and workstations

File transfer that reliably delivers over any connection

Learn how Lindblad Expeditions keeps business (and files) moving from the most epic places on Earth

File sync that breaks the sound barrier

Learn how Skywalker Sound quickly deployed Resilio Connect when the pandemic suddenly required the team to work from home

VDI profile sync that delivers true active-active high availability

Read how one engineering and construction leader uses Resilio to keep remote workers connected and productive

Why Resilio?

Resilio’s universal file delivery system gives enterprises a proven path to accelerate innovation, optimize IT, and reduce the cost of operating enterprise-wide file distribution, collection, and synchronization. Through an open, location-independent design, Resilio Connect securely unifies the edge, core, and cloud, enabling IT to gain control of globally distributed assets, automate data management, and accelerate transfer performance by up to 20x over conventional tools, across any location and IP network.

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Accelerate performance

Scale-out data movement in real-time at allocated speeds across any network and location.

Unify IT

Cohesively unify edge devices with on-premise servers and storage--and popular cloud providers.

Secure and protect data end-to-end

Protect and ensure data integrity for all file data across all locations; optionally encrypt and air gap data.

Control data

Centrally manage, monitor, visualize, and automate data movement across any number of endpoints.