Resilio Platform for Cloud Sync
A Secure, Fast, Cloud Sync Solution

An easy to use cloud replication and synchronization solution for n-way data transfer between on-premises NAS, cloud object stores and cloud file shares.

Resilio Platform for Cloud Sync

Resilio Platform is a cloud sync solution delivering fast and secure n-way data synchronization between on-premises file shares (NFS, CIFS, SMB, NAS) and object storage (AWS S3, Azure blob, NetApp StorageGRID, IBM Cloud Object Storage, Google Cloud etc.)

The solution is a faster and more powerful version of common Cloud Sync services such as NetApp Cloud Sync or AWS DataSync, expanding potential use cases between cloud solutions like Azure NetApp Files, on-premises file shares and data management solutions (e.g. NetApp ONTAP).

Resilio is a synchronization service that securely synchronizes the data where you need it in real-time, ensuring instant data availability for your applications.

A Complementary Alternative to NetApp Cloud Sync

Resilio Platform is fully compatible with NetApp, Inc. storage systems, cloud volumes services, and cloud data services such as NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP, Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP, and Azure NetApp Files. For NetApp customers requiring universal, scale-out, active-active (uni- , bi-, and omni-directional) file delivery from on-premises data centers to the cloud - or from the cloud to on-premises data centers - Resilio offers a complementary alternative to NetApp Cloud Sync.

NetApp customers can leverage their on-premises NetApp storage, data fabrics and cloud-based NetApp data services to scale-out synchronization services to any number of endpoints. For example, from a NetApp scale-out cluster, customers may create omni-directional active-active sync relationships with nearly any cloud storage service or NetApp system. The solution is ideal for a variety of use cases from tiering to data synchronization. WAN optimization is built in. The solution works with VPC but also provides native end-to-end security and complete resilience for all file data in transit.

NetApp customers use a familiar, comprehensive, universal tool set to sync files with a variety of their NetApp cloud services - hosted in Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google GCP, among other cloud providers.

Resilio Platform, A Complementary Alternative to NetApp Cloud Sync

Use Cases

Data Migration

Moving data into and out of the Cloud or between Clouds.


Supports replication across concurrent Cloud environments for maximum flexibility or Disaster Recovery.

Cloud Onboarding

Move on-premises file shares to the cloud.

Remote Work

Sync data fast with local data caching to extend existing on-premises or cloud storage for remote employees.

Global File Systems

Transparent selective synchronization of file systems and permissions of large cloud based file systems.

Key Benefits


Supports sync schedules or real-time, N-way continuous sync relationships between on-premises and cloud


Data transfer remains within your security boundary without the complexity of a VPN for maximum data security and data protection


Distributed scale out architecture supports 100’s of millions of files per agent


Only moves dataset deltas and saves costs between cloud providers


Intuitive web based GUI or API automation

Cost Effective

Eliminates usage-based pricing and unexpected bills from cloud providers

Compare Resilio Platform Vs. NetApp Cloud Sync

NetApp Cloud Sync

NetApp Cloud Sync is a NetApp cloud-based product that connects different file sources (NFS, CIFS) and objects (AWS S3, Azure blob) in scheduled one-way synchronization. We are going to compare it to Resilio Platform that provides real-time, scalable two-way synchronization between similar targets.


Resilio Active Everywhere Platform

Resilio Platform has additional features such as caching gateway, remote access to the data, which we will briefly cover in this article. We will do a full feature comparison of two products, so you could choose the best solution for your project.

Features & Benefits

NetApp Cloud Sync

Resilio Platform

On-prem storage
Cloud Files
Cloud Objects
One-way synchronization
Two-way synchronization
N-way synchronization
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NFS Only
All traffic
Scheduled Only
Maximum number of files
Desktop & mobile support
Exclude list
WAN optimization
Differential sync
Non-encrypted Only
All traffic
ACL synchronization
Rename detection
Bandwidth scheduler