File Collaboration: Linking iPhones to Desktops

How to Share Data Between your iPhone and Desktop?

There are few devices more popular in the world than the iPhone. With an almost ubiquitous presence due to its easy personal and business use, it is becoming increasingly important for this device to be compatible with other platforms.
An article by CNET written by Don Reisinger notes that the number of iPhones in use was around 94 million last year. But when it comes to devices that use different systems, many people are quick to ask: “how do I sync my iPhone with my computer?”
By utilizing cloud file collaboration, it is possible to edit and exchange files between multiple devices – even if those devices use different operating systems (OS).


Addressing Compatibility Issues with Cross-Platform Operations

When it comes to multitasking, using multiple devices is very beneficial. When dealing with iPhone and desktops, the difference in each device’s OS can sometimes make sharing and swapping files between them difficult.

This can be particularly frustrating if a person is in transit and needs to access a file that is on their workstation. In another instance, they may have created a file on their phone and wish to access it quickly on their desktop. In either case, syncing tools like those offered by Resilio can prove valuable.

The Solutions for Syncing Mobile Devices with Desktops

With sync options like the Resilio Sync (formerly BitTorrent Sync) mobile app, users can create folders for transferring files between multiple operating systems.

This folder can be placed on a mobile device, as well as a desktop, providing seamless file collaboration over multiple devices. This means that individuals can integrate their iPhone and desktop into any personal or business application without worrying about compatibility issues between them.

Scalability and Support for Multiple Devices

When it comes to sharing information between devices, there are many benefits to be had. This makes cross-platform functionality and file collaboration more popular than ever. But this also means that a user may desire to sync more devices. Unfortunately, setting up different sharing folders constantly is something that many users dread.

But with Resilio’s solutions, users can set up a single profile allowing everything that is added to one device to be synced with all other devices associated with the same identity. This type of file collaboration presents the conveniences of a cloud solution without relying on a separate party to manage data. The data remains on the appropriate devices and users can get the compatibility they desire.

Getting a Reliable File Collaboration Solution

Desktops and iPhones are very much prevalent in business and personal functions, so it’s imperative to find a way to make them compatible. With Resilio’s high-end file collaboration solutions, anyone can get the cross-device functionality they want.