Cloud File Storage Gateway for Hybrid Clouds

Extend on-premises file servers and remote desktop storage to the cloud with universal file delivery

Transform Windows file servers into high-performance, highly available, efficient file sharing and cloud storage gateways for hybrid clouds

Using Resilio Connect combined with storage infrastructure deployed on-premises in data centers and remote offices, your Microsoft Windows file servers are transformed into efficient cloud storage caching gateways--transparently synchronizing files with your choice of cloud storage. Resilio’s real-time synchronization and WAN optimization software turbocharges the Windows file servers you already own. Remote users simply connect, access, and sync data with cloud storage. High availability for Microsoft DFS speeds up recovery across any site, location, or cloud region.


Optimize your file servers to cache files on-demand to minimize cloud storage egress fees.


Real-time file sync keeps all servers up-to-date across all locations, on-premise data centers and the cloud.

Choice & flexibility

Choose from a variety of cloud providers’ cloud storage services to use with your IT infrastructure.

High availability

Maintain continuous access to business critical files and for disaster recovery.

Highly available, efficient file sharing and cloud storage gateways for hybrid clouds, powered by Resilio Connect

Highly available, efficient file sharing and cloud storage gateways for hybrid clouds, powered by Resilio Connect

Cloud File Storage Gateway Overview

Resilio’s file delivery solution for Cloud File Storage (or network attached storage) supports many use cases, from data tiering for unstructured data to Azure cross-region replication for business continuity.  Whatever your cloud computing strategy, Resilio transparently extends your file storage to the cloud.  File sharing for in-office users, apps, and workflows works like it does on Windows, via SMB and NFS.   

Remote workers use Resilio's high-speed transport to transport files of any size and type, overcoming latency for file sharing and collaboration.  Changes to files are rapidly synchronized in “real-time”.  File systems synchronize up to millions of files and folders in real-time.  

The hybrid cloud solution integrates S3-compatible cloud object storage and a variety of cloud storage services.  To simplify file access, file sharing, and content management, users browse and sync files on object storage as if they were stored locally.  Using familiar tools offered on operating systems like Windows, Apple MacOS, and Android, users are presented with a unified view of all files and folders, stored on local data storage and cloud object storage.  

As a superior alternative to DFSR, the Resilio solution provides high-performance, active-active high availability (HA) for redundancy using Microsoft DFS. In multi-site deployments, Microsoft DFS spans any number of sites, regions, and locations--across on-premises file storage in the data center, remote offices, and the public cloud.

Users can browse & sync files on object storage as if they were stored locally.

Hybrid Cloud Storage Gateway for Any Public Cloud

Acting as a hybrid cloud storage gateway, files and folders stored in cloud object storage are browseable and selectively synchronized or downloaded on-demand.  Only the needed files are downloaded from the cloud and cached locally. 

This minimizes cloud egress charges. Low-cost, on-premise storage space can be logically combined with long-term cloud object storage--all through a single, unified interface. Once files are cached on Windows, files may be purged based on policies.

Extend Your On-premises Storage Devices

Resilio extends your on-premises storage of any type (DAS, SAN, NAS) to any S3-compatible cloud object storage and industry-leading, strategic cloud file storage partners’ solutions. Resilio enables highly reliable, efficient, and rapid file upload, download, and synchronization, from any location.

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Resilio extends your on-premises storage of any type (DAS, SAN, NAS) to any S3-compatible cloud object storage and industry-leading, strategic cloud file storage partners’ solutions.


Turbocharge File Sharing and Cloud File Access for Microsoft DFS File Storage

Real-time cloud file storage transforms your Microsoft DFS namespace into a high-performance, globally unified file sharing solution with fast multi-site failover for disaster recovery. Microsoft DFSR is limited by serialized, uni-directional replication. Resilio’s solution provides scale-out omni-directional and cross-region replication. Unlike Microsoft DFSR, Resilio moves files at full speed over any network, irrespective of latency and network quality. Cross-region replication for Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS enables customers to use any cloud location.

Transparently Connect Your Cloud Storage Provider

Or mix and match cloud storage providers. Resilio supports Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google GCP, Wasabi, and Backblaze, among other cloud providers. Resilio enables secure file access and simplified data management from all files, the on-premises storage core to cloud. Browsing files in cloud object storage looks like Microsoft Onedrive using Windows File Explorer. Resilio's software-only solution also runs on VMware, Citrix, and other virtualization platforms and workspaces.

Ensure Data Protection and a Secure Cloud

Resilio provides end-to-end data protection and encryption for data at rest and in-transit for any storage environment. With an immutable copy of all files stored in the public cloud, Resilio protects against ransomware, prevents data loss, and protects sensitive data. Using VPN is optional; security is built-in; there’s no reliance on 3rd-party infrastructure or software.

Eliminate Vendor Lock-in

Unlike proprietary storage and cloud file systems, Resilio builds on open file formats and builds on open standards and an open, multi-cloud architecture.  Resilio supports popular operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, Linux, Android, and other platforms) running on industry-standard servers, desktops, laptops, and mobile devices running mobile apps.  For automation and integration, Resilio offers a well documented RESTful API to control all aspects of the cloud file storage integrating with applications and management frameworks.

Reduce Cost Using Storage Your Company Owns

Resilio runs on IT infrastructure (desktops, servers, storage, and networks) your team already owns and operates. Unlike proprietary cloud file systems requiring new hardware resources, Resilio utilizes storage (DAS, NAS, SAN) your IT team already owns and understands. Utilize enterprise storage devices and available storage space. Administrators blend storage capacity from any type of storage platform or array (SSDs, hard drives, other NAS devices, and storage systems).

Reliably Access Files and Cloud Resources from Anywhere

Resilience, data integrity, and checksums are provided end-to-end. Resilio dynamically routes data around network outages. Remote workers can access cloud files stored on cloud storage over unreliable or low bandwidth networks (cell, WiFi, VSAT). Resilio Connect ensures full and reliable utilization of any IP network.

Key Capabilities

Centrally manage, monitor, and visualize operations

Centrally manage and monitor agents and job functions through a single pane of glass UI. Administrators create and run jobs, control bandwidth, and deploy instructions across private clouds, public clouds, and hybrid cloud environments. Create notifications or centrally monitor and collect logs, statistics, and events.  For automation, Resilio offers a complete API set to expose and automate all functions performed by the Management Console (ideal for devops and IT), integrating with any app or workflow.

WAN optimization built in

WAN optimization policies come pre-configured, ensuring predictable, high performance over any wide-area network. The network is efficiently utilized based on bandwidth allocations you control. File delivery is resistant to latency and poor network conditions. Transfer, sync, download, and upload files of any size across any IP network.

High-performance real-time file sync

Resilio rapidly and efficiently synchronizes up to many millions of files in real-time.  Only the changed portion of the file is replicated.   File permissions and other file system metadata can be included in the file sync job. Microsoft Windows NTFS and ReFS are supported.  File syncing utilizes push and pull caching for cloud storage and on-premises file storage. Pull remote files on demand--and automatically push updates across the organization as files change in real-time.