Resilio Connect Support Plan

Date of last revision: November 16, 2020

Support Plan Subscriptions require an active, paid Connect License Subscription

Remote Installation Assistance 1
(once per subscription term)
Remote Deployment Assistance 2
(once per subscription term)
Remote Configuration and/or Upgrade Assistance 3
(once per subscription term)
Custom Builds
(ahead of point release schedule)
(once per subscription term)
Included Regular Ticket 4
(per subscription term)
Included Level 5 Tickets 4
(per subscription term)
First Non-Automated response
(Level 1-4 Tickets)
24 hours
(Business Hours)
12 hours
(Business Hours)
8 hours
First Non-Automated response
(Level 5 Ticket)
8 hours
6 hours
2 hours
Debug Analysis ETA
(regular ticket)
72 hours48 hours24 hours
Debug Analysis ETA
(critical ticket)
8 hours (24/7)
Support Team Availability
Business HoursBusiness Hours24/7
Support Contact Representative
  • 1  Includes:

  • Management Console installation

  • Up to 5 Agents installed and connected to the Management Console

  • Configuration of 1-2 sample Jobs

  • Network configuration consultation

  • 2  Includes:

  • Management Console installation

  • Installation of up to 25 Agents

  • Assistance with advanced configuration and deployment topics such as automated installation, profile configuration, and automated configuration using tags

  • Cloud Storage configuration for up to 2 cloud storage targets

  • Configuration of up to 5 production Jobs

  • Assistance creating up to 5 Job Profiles and/or Agent Profiles

  • 3  Includes:

  • Adding / removing additional Management Console, Tracker Server and Agents

  • Reconfiguring production Jobs

  • Upgrading the Management Console build

  • Assist with Agent build upgrades

  • 4  Important note:

  • Issues reported that turn out to be product defects (bugs) don’t count against the total included ticket number.

  • Other notes:

  • Business hours cover time from 6:00 UTC to 21:00 UTC Monday - Friday

  • Each ticket represents a single issue customer encountered or a set of questions about a single topic of Resilio Connect usage

  • Additional tickets may be purchased in the Standard and Enhanced plans

Support Prioritization
Severity Level Definitions.
These severity level definitions will assist both parties in allocating the appropriate resources to resolve support requests. The severity level can be specified when submitting a ticket via the Resilio Connect Management Console "Contact Support" form or via the Contact Support form on our website.

Direct email support is not available. Any technical issues that are reported via email to the Customer Success Team or other mailing list instead of using the Management Console and Support Contact Form, may result in no support or significantly delayed responses.

Severity LevelDefinitionExamples
Low: Request for additional information about product, questions, feature requests etc.
  • Inquiry regarding a routine technical issue.
  • Information requested on application capabilities, navigation, installation or configuration.
Configuration: Something related to the product is not working correctly, which likely is related to configuration of the environment or the product itself.
  • Minor loss of application functionality due to product or environment configuration
  • Bug affecting a small number of users
  • The issue consists of "how-to" questions including issues related to one or multiple features
Important: There's an issue with the product which does not affect business or have little effect.
  • System performance issue or bug affecting some, but not all users.
  • Short-term workaround is available, but cannot be scaled.
Urgent: There is an issue that significantly affects functionality with no real workaround.
  • Major functionality is impacted or significant performance degradation is experienced.
  • Issue is persistent and affects many users and/or major functionality.
  • No reasonable workaround available.
  • Also includes time-sensitive data
Critical 1: The issue severely affects the business and all users. It is mission-critical to the business and the situation is considered an emergency. The business has dedicated resources standing by to work on the issues with the Resilio team.
  • Critical production issue affecting all users.
  • Includes system unavailability and data integrity issues with no workaround available.
  • 1  Important note:

  • Issues reported that turn out to be product defects (bugs) don’t count against the total included ticket number.

Notification Procedures.
Each customer may designate up to 5 trained representatives who may submit support tickets to Resilio. All support tickets submitted to Resilio must be assigned a severity level according to the severity level definitions above.

Support Communications
Resilio customers can expect regular and prompt communication from our support team via e-mail or the Resilio Customer Support Portal until the ticket has been closed.