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Have Your Files Anywhere

Sync any folder to all your devices. Sync photos, videos, music, PDFs, docs or any other file types to/from your mobile phone, laptop, or NAS.

Keep Your Files Safe

Backup your files automatically to another device you own. Create your own Disaster Recovery site.  Setup your phone to backup all photos to your laptop, or backup all your documents from your laptop to your NAS.  Protect yourself from losing information on a crashed or misplaced device.

Build Your Own Private Cloud

Create a private cloud that is securely distributed across devices you own. Your cloud is much faster than the public cloud.  It is also much safer - no one can steal your data from the cloud if your data is not in the cloud.

Send Large Files Fast

Sync skips the cloud and finds the shortest path between devices when transferring data. No size limits. Easily sync and share folders that contain gigabytes (or terabytes) of data.

Access Files On The Go

Sync photos, videos, music, PDFs, docs or any other file types to/from your mobile phone or tablet. Using Selective Sync, you can choose to sync only the files you need, whenever you need them.

Use on Any Device

Keep folders synced between multiple platforms and operating systems. Sync is available for OS X, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, all major NAS devices, and more.

Add Folders to All Your Devices Automatically Pro

Sync every folder automatically to all your devices. You add a folder to one and it automatically becomes available on all your linked devices.

Make Sure Sensitive Data Stays In Your Control Pro

Change access permissions at any time with Advanced Folders Pro. Assign ownership to another user, revoke access, or change read and write permissions on the fly.

Sync Only The Files You Need Pro

Using ‘Selective Sync’ feature, Sync will create placeholder files in your file-system that can be searched locally.

Click to download only the files that you need, when you need them, without having to replicate entire folders on every device.

Control Bandwidth Usage Pro

Need to sync lots of data but your network cannot handle it? Now you can set bandwidth usage limits so Sync activity occurs only when it suits you.

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  • Device-to-Device File Transfer
  • Intelligent P2P Synchronization
  • Secure Links for Sharing
  • Unlimited data

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Includes all Free features, plus:

  • Link all your devices
  • Manage permissions on the fly
  • Save space with Selective Sync
  • Control bandwidth usage

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Includes all Pro features, plus:

  • Multi-user plans
  • Authorized for business use
  • Premium support

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