Download Resilio Sync for Windows, Mac, Linux & FreeBSD

Resilio Sync Home is a simple yet full featured solution for file sync and sharing that's powered by P2P technology for fast and secure transfers. Download the desktop app today for your preferred operating system below. You can also download our Resilio Sync mobile app and Resilio Sync NAS tools to keep your files synchronized across all your devices. For business use, please download Sync Business (14 days free trial)

Getting Started With Resilio’s File Sync Desktop App

Need help getting the file sync desktop app setup on your Windows PC? Trying to figure out how to sync files on your Mac? Need support for Linux or FreeBSD systems? Visit the Resilio Sync help center for helpful guides and examples on how to organize and synchronize your files.

Sync Solutions For The Enterprise

Deploy system updates and transfer data to remote offices, emergency vehicles, vessels, or planes faster than anything you have seen before. Connect operates over your existing infrastructure and uses P2P technology and WAN acceleration to overcome network limitations.

“Our engineers deployed a successful test version in a hour - without reading a ton of manuals - that delivered the best result of all the solutions we tried”
— Roman Sakno, Enterprise Architect at Wargaming.

Learn more about Resilio Connect
Built on top of the BitTorrent protocol, Connect can easily scale to 100s of servers, millions of files, and many TBs of data

Works perfectly!

Works perfectly for my use case - fast, reliable, secure!

– Pille

I personally love Resilio

I personally love Resilio. The only reason it is not a 5 star is simply because it does require some measure of technical capacity to get the best use out of it. Not every consumer would find this "easy to use." That said, it is fast, private and priced right.

– Mason

Resilio just works!

I have been using Resilio for a number of years and I have found it to be very reliable. I use it to distribute 200MB of files to a number of my associates on a regular basis. I update the files periodically and they get the updates immediately. In addition in the past I've used it to reliably sync files that were over 40GB in size when most other file transfer systems limits are much smaller. I'm a fan.

– Stan Smith

Excellent value sync tool

Fab tool, really intuitive. Great info on the site on how to use and a very cost effective, powerful sync tool

– Iain Ollerenshaw

Good application

Good application. I really use it a lot. There is room for improvement but it will be there. I recommend it.

– Jose

The best solution of a personal cloud.

The best solution of a personal cloud.
I'm using this software for combining cloud services. (dropbox, onedrive, mega, etc)

– Kousuke Tohno

Highly flexible product

Highly flexible product; used for a variety of syncing & backup use cases in my family. Take a bit of time to totally figure out, but the investment in time is worth it

– Ron Br

Works perfectly!

Works perfectly for my use case - fast, reliable, secure!

– Pille