QNAP Welcomes Sync to the NAS Family

BitTorrent Sync on NAS ensures your data is available all the time, on all your devices.

The QNAP team operates on the mandate of ensuring that passion and quality is a part of all their products – so much so, that they’ve derived their name on the promise of being a Quality Network Appliance Provider. Their NAS boxes are built to be robust, easy-to-use and reliable – all attributes that sing with the Sync team!

We wanted to let everyone know that Sync is available now in the QNAP app storefront, for their entire line of NAS boxes. Pave the way for getting all your data from your NAS to desktop or mobile, with the inherent speed and security that Sync provides. And of course, no size limitations.

QNAP NAS BitTorrent Sync

Check out QNAP’s full line of NAS boxes today!