Synchronizing Multiple Locations. Maximum Speed for All Your Customers.


Until now, the speed benefits of a WAN optimized network were reserved for the select few who could afford expensive point to point hardware solutions.

With Resilio Connect, you can deliver these same benefits to all of your customers and all of your internal applications through our unique and flexible software solution that runs on almost any platform.

Resilio can replicate data over the WAN to sites across the globe, even over lossy and long distance networks. Our software solution is easy to deploy for any remote customer and ensures they get the best and fastest experience their network can deliver when sending and receiving large files.


Using our unique Micro Transport Protocol (μTP2), Resilio Connect offers WAN-optimized transfers and consistently exceeds the performance of traditional one-to-one WAN optimization solutions. The speed increases as more endpoints are added. Resilio Connect will be 50% faster than one-to-one solutions in a 1:2 transfer scenario and 500% faster in a 1:10 scenario.

Resilio Connect takes the best of BitTorrent peer-to-peer networking experience to build a resilient transfer protocol designed to overcome network failures, and efficiently resume failed transfers.

The Resilio client is easy to deploy and remove. The cross-platform, light agent is a single executable with no external dependencies. It runs on (almost) any OS, so it can be deployed in (almost) any environment providing an excellent solution when ad-hoc WAN optimization is needed.

Our distributed peer-to-peer architecture seamlessly combines the power of every endpoint to deliver data faster and more reliably than traditional point to point solutions.


  • Media post processing: move raw media files over long distances to remote post processing locations.
  • Medical imagery: Securely and privately move medical imagery to experts anywhere in the world.
  • Media ingest: Resilio is a flexible WAN optimized solution that works on any hardware, allowing clients to come and go easily while offering each a fully optimized and fast experience. Get media into the cloud for delivery or encoding for ALL of your customers, not just the select few who can afford point to point hardware solutions.
  • CDN & data center node replication: replicate big data to a few richly connected nodes FAST.
  • Design and Marketing Agencies: move the biggest raw media files to and from all of your clients with a simple to deploy software solution.

Key Benefits

  • WAN optimized transfers.
  • Effective use of the LAN to replicate data locally.
  • Granular control over bandwidth usage in each site and across sites.
  • Effective replication speed that far exceeds any traditional point-to-point solution.
  • Bandwidth efficiency reduces your costs and scales for maximum throughput without the need for intensive configuration.

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