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“Storage Almost Full.” Chances are you’ve seen that message yourself, or fielded a question from a friend, colleague or loved one about what to do when that warning message appears on their smartphone. In many cases, the most problematic issue with your phone’s storage space, both on the hardware and in the cloud, is the amount of photos taken with your device. With the proliferation of photo based social media sharing, many of the photos taken with phones are taken and stored aimlessly by users. People need a solution that helps them access photos at any time without worrying about the hassle of cloud-based solutions that have their own limitations – both with storage and security.


Resilio Sync offers a solution that allows you to create backups of your digital memories without fear of cyber-attack in traffic or storage. Similar to cloud-based solutions only in that you create your own cloud. Utilizing your own personal devices, you can sync your phone, computers and tablets so that a backup can be created and have access to that photo whenever you want, wherever you want. Not just for use personally, Sync for Workgroups can also be a huge benefit should you be working with product specs or marketing efforts among other tasks that require images.


  • Leave no vacation forgotten: Vacations are a great time to take photos of places you’ve never been. Why not have those memories immediately backed up on your own devices in the most secure way possible?

  • Avoid connection limitations: Resilio has a WAN optimized transfer solution that connects devices and peers regardless of connection strength.

  • Real-Time Collaboration: In business, there are many ways this application can be used. Show specs of a new design or share materials with designers on a permission based “cloud” that you control. Decide who can view or edit any file with ease.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces storage limitations

  • Maintain various albums and folders for personal and business use

  • Central management provides full visibility into transfers so you know when your pic has been synced and backed up