Resilio Connect for Microsoft FSLogix

Real-time synchronization for active-active HA, reduced time-to-desktop, and rapid recovery for Multi-site VDI

Learn about Resilio Connect for Microsoft FSLogix

FSLogix offers numerous benefits yet poses operational challenges in multi-site VDI environments, on-premise and cloud. Learn how Resilio Connect overcomes challenges associated with latency, performance, maintenance, DR, and the end-user experience for VDI.

Resilio Connect for Microsoft FSLogix is well suited to enterprises requiring faster, more predictable multi-site replication performance, active-active HA, improved recovery times for DR, and faster time-to-desktop--using your on-premise infrastructure and Microsoft Azure.

You’ll also see why Resilio Connect is a superior alternative to Cloud Cache and using conventional tools such as DFS-R, Robocopy, and storage-based replication.

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