Resilio Connect: Consolidating Large Files From Remote Locations

Duration: 4:00   |   Uploaded: June 6, 2018

In this tutorial, we will be consolidating CCTV footage from 5 agents and upload them to a storage server. Whether you’re backing up a small number of large files or millions of smaller files, Resilio’s powerful P2P technology can transfer and consolidate any backup load from unlimited endpoints. The speed of recovery is unparalleled and instantaneous that can get any environment up and running again with the most up-to-date data.

Resilio Connect: Synchronizing Servers Across Remote Locations

Duration: 3:46   |   Uploaded: February 20, 2018

In this tutorial, we will be synchronizing servers across remote locations. With Resilio Connect, the speed increases as more endpoints are added. Resilio Connect will be 50% faster than one-to-one solutions in a 1:2 transfer scenario and 500% faster in a 1:10 scenario. In addition, Resilio Connect offers WAN-optimized transfers and consistently exceeds the performance of traditional one-to-one WAN optimization solutions. As an easy to deploy, cross-platform software solution, Resilio Connect delivers maximum flexibility as your customer and partnerships needs change.

Resilio Connect: Distributing Data to Remote Endpoints

Duration: 3:32   |   Uploaded time: February 7, 2018

In this tutorial, we will be distributing builds to QA machines. Resilio Connect’s P2P architecture makes it ideal for moving data to distributed endpoints where connectivity or processing power may be an issue. The protocol was designed to recover efficiently from network or hardware failures. In addition, the P2P architecture distributes the load across the whole network and removes network bottlenecks.

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