Sync Stories: My Customers Need Privacy and That’s Why I Fell in Love with Sync

Sync Stories is a column dedicated to our users. Each week, we showcase a different use case for BitTorrent Sync and the personal stories behind it.

In this week’s edition: European-based Antti Vilpponen works at a cloud hosting company and shares how Sync helps him manage sensitive customer data.

From Antti: 

I’m the General Manager for a cloud hosting company (UpCloud) and one of our cornerstones in providing service to our customers is the respect for their privacy. We achieve this by tying their contracts to Finnish and EU law. This is also one of the reasons I am hesitant in turning over all my synced data to US companies. Against this background, BitTorrent Sync seemed to be a gift from the gods.

Working with Multiple Devices, Multiple Locations 

I work from many different locations and I need my apps to support this. Hence a key part of the equation is the requirement to have my files synced between the computers I use for work. Due to the nature of documents, I don’t feel comfortable in handing over responsibility to third party organisations – especially those who do not encrypt nor otherwise share how they handle their infrastructure.

I’m using BitTorrent Sync between three computers: an iMac at work, a MacBook Air and a Mac Mini at home. In this scenario, having at least two computers on at all times and syncing the files isn’t a problem at all. I further backup my Mac Mini at home, so redundancy isn’t an issue either.

At work, I enjoy working with my iMac and spreadsheets definitely look nice on the large screen. However, I do a lot of work outside of the office as well. Good file sharing is a must for me. I want my documents to quickly available as soon as I open up my MacBook Air.  Privacy and control was an aspect that has been missing from this space. With Sync, I love the fact that I can share files directly between two computers without having to push them to some server far far away. Due to the nature of my documents, I immensely value the privacy Sync offers. And in terms of the fast transfer speed: even though my files are regular business related spreadsheets, presentations and such, this aspect of the product is very valuable.



Sync Delivers on Privacy, Speed and Ease-of-Use 

While privacy was a decisive driver for my decision, price and simplicity were also key aspects I looked at when comparing services. BitTorrent Sync being free and beautifully designed only weighed more on my decision to try and test it out.

Especially on OS X, the setup is incredibly easy and effortless. Once you open the app, you’re able to select the folders you want to sync. And in no time, the computers in the network are distributing the loads between themselves to most effectively sync the files you want. As for privacy – sharing keys and links between the computers is easy and quick as well. Knowing that my files are securely transmitted directly between my computers is especially comforting.

While the setup was easy, I couldn’t be happier with actually running the app itself. I hardly remember it’s on because to the user, it’s transparently humming in the background. It works perfectly and without any hiccups so far. Again, the speed in which files are synced is a noticeable benefit of using BitTorrent Sync, compared to Dropbox and Google Drive. For me, it is dramatically faster and one of the reasons for this is probably that it utilises the internet connectivity differently; when I want the files synced between my computers, there is no value for me as a user in having to have the files passed through servers in the US. Syncing the files directly between the shortest route available works miracles.

It’s very hard to find reasons not to give BitTorrent Sync a try. Great technology, great design, easy to use at a great price (= free). Huge thanks to the team for creating such a fantastic piece of software – excited about the future and what it might hold!

You can reach Antti on Twitter. For more info on Sync, click here and if you’ve got an epic Sync idea, use-case or how-to, shoot us an email at sync[at]