Resilio Connect (formerly Sync IT) Alpha Program Launches

The launch of Sync 2.0 earlier this year brought teams and workgroups the ability to share large amounts of data directly between devices. We’ve been receiving substantial interest from IT managers for a managed version of Sync specifically intended for enterprise environments and IT focused use cases.

The good news is that we’ve been steadily working to improve the scalability and performance of the Sync engine when used for long-distance data transfer, very large file sizes or over thousands of peers, and are excited to announce the private alpha of Resilio Connect (Sync IT).


Resilio Connect (Sync IT) is engineered for file replication with performance, scalability and security in mind. We’re working on features to help manage and automate file workflows, internally and across sites, securely using encrypted replication to thousands of clients. Some key features of the product will be:

• Centrally managed, browser-based control of all deployed instances
• Multi-platform support including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, & Mobile
• Sync engine runs as a service
• Can be controlled via UI, APIs or Command Line
• Headless clients
• Scheduler with the ability to throttle or stop syncing based on time of day or day of week

We would love to get your input on the upcoming Resilio Connect (Sync IT), especially if you’re interested in providing product feedback via our private Alpha.

Sign Up for the Alpha (no longer available)