P2P Twins: Bitcoin Lender BTCJam x Resilio Sync

BTCjam’s mission is to offer affordable credit everywhere. There are a lot of people especially in developing countries that cannot fulfill their needs or dreams because don’t have access to affordable credit, or sometimes to any credit at all!

We created a peer-to-peer marketplace that connects those borrowers with investors mainly from developed countries, that usually receive low returns on their investments. It’s a truly win-win situation: borrowers pay much less than they would if they were using banks and investors can get much higher returns on their investments. So far we have serviced over $13 million in bitcoin loans in 16,000 loans from over 120 countries.

BTCJam BitTorrent Sync

Over ฿ 50,000.00 borrowed

As soon we discovered Resilio Sync (formerly BitTorrent Sync) we thought that the solution is very aligned with our own business because it’s p2p like our service. As we have sensitive and confidential data, we believe that synching among our computers is better than saving files in a commercial cloud configuration where we don’t necessarily know the configuration details. Who knows if someone can compromise a cloud server and get access to our data (along with other companies) without us even knowing about it?

Our setup is very straight forward: we have a set of main folders, one for each department and each team has access to their own folder. We also have a Public folder to share things between all employees. Every new employee is invited to join their department and the public folder during their on boarding process.