Airborne Tech Company eWind Created Their File Sharing System with BitTorrent Sync

Brennan Gantner, Director of Technical Development for eWind, shares how his team uses BitTorrent Sync to reliably and securely access shared files without fuss:

eWind Solutions is developing a novel airborne wind energy device. Airborne wind energy is the idea of replacing the concrete base and tower of a wind turbine with a tether and small ground station, using modern electronics to have a flying ‘blade’ that does circles in the sky. It generates almost the same amount of electricity for a fraction of the material costs.

We’re building a device that will fly at 500 feet where the winds are consistent and stronger, but will be inexpensive enough for a small farm to afford. This would effectively offset most/all of their electricity costs.

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We’re a small but mighty team, based in Oregon. The work that we do requires having to manage a lot of different types of important files; it’s a mix of grant writing, business presentations, technical designs, and the like. On top of that, at least one member of the company is almost always on the road on any given day, and proofing or updating a file to/from the road is crucial to keep projects moving forward while traveling. We needed a reliable file sharing solution that was easy to use and secure; then we came upon BitTorrent Sync.

Our Sync setup includes 4 main folders across 4 full time employees, with a “part time employee computer” that has limited access. As the person who manages our IT, I didn’t have to think or worry about it once Sync was set up. It also saves the time and effort of not having to email versions back and forth to each other, and keep track of which one is current.

Recently, we added a fifth full-time member (we’ve grown by 20%!). The ownership/access controls in Sync have come in handy. In our current 4 folder setup, one is designated for Admin. It is only available to the four officers.  There’s another for Grants/Intellectual property, which is again only for the four officers.  Then we have two folders, Product development and Business Development that are open to all employees and part-timers.

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I also run two desktop machines (one at work, one at home) that are always on and connected, forming the ‘master/backup’ that everyone can always access. I like having the entire system duplicated in two different physical locations in case of accidents. I also set up two tablets so we can access presentations and graphs in case of last-minute investor meetings, where a laptop is not available.  That works great as a repository of info, and lets us impress people with photos and plots when we aren’t actually at the office.

We are extremely satisfied with Sync and I really appreciate the security/reliability of not having our IP saved on computers I don’t control. We used to use a cloud-based solution, but had once found our patent application on a Google search because a share link had been created and emailed, making it so that the document was suddenly public knowledge.  Thankfully, nothing seems to have come of that, but it really freaked us out.  Sync just works, and it does so well enough where I don’t have to think about it and hardly even notice it anymore (which is a strong compliment).

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