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Resilio Achieves Top 5 Recognition for Solving File Collaboration Challenges in Distributed Workforces

Conventional file collaboration methods suffer from limited scalability, inadequate version control, exponential file data growth, limited file access for sharing, inability to handle large files with distributed teams, and network latency. 

Resilio Platform solves these challenges with an all-in-one platform purpose-built for easy and unified access to files wherever they are stored—in a data center, in the cloud, or on edge networks—across any distance.

Designed for automation and speed, Resilio Platform is up to ten times faster than conventional replication software. It’s easily managed by organizations of any scale—from small collaborative teams to the world’s most demanding enterprise IT environments.

“Resilio Platform offers a different approach from traditional hub-and-spoke file collaboration tools,” said Todd Dorsey, senior storage analyst at DCIG. “Its distributed and multidirectional solution replicates and synchronizes files in parallel across multiple endpoints at once. Providing materially faster synchronization than legacy approaches, organizations can keep data current across multiple endpoints in the same or different locations and to remote and hybrid teams.”

The report named Resilo Resilio Platform a top solution among 18 vendors for three notable features:

Synchronization without limits. Resilio Software can detect and synchronize changes to millions of files in real time. Organizations can architect file synchronization across as many servers, file systems, storage devices, sites, and on-premises or off-premises users as needed.

Centralized synchronization management. Resilio Platform works with any type of popular server (physical, virtual, containerized), storage (DAS, NAS, SAN, and even cloud file and object storage), and operating system (Windows, Mac, and mobile).

Fast WAN optimization. Resilio Platform’s integrated Zero Gravity Transport™ (ZGT) provides WAN optimization technology that delivers high-speed, low-latency synchronization over wide-area networks. Encrypted end-to-end, ZGT moves data at predictable speeds between all locations. Thus, full utilization of WAN bandwidth can be achieved.

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