How Infobip Goes Active Everywhere with Resilio

Infobip is a global leader in omnichannel communication, simplifying how brands connect with, engage, and delight their customers around the world. Resilio is one of their solutions of choice that helps them accomplish that mission.

Infobip offers a programmable suite of tools at a massive scale, with over 37 billion monthly interactions from multinational organizations and Fortune 500 enterprises, including Meta, Uber, Toyota, and T-Mobile. This year, Infobip has been named a Leader in the Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) market by analyst firm Gartner for the second year in the 2024 Gartner’s Magic Quadrant™ for Communications Platform as a Service, a technology that Gartner predicts 90% of global enterprises will leverage by 2026.

With 3,400 employees across 75 offices on six continents, scale is just as crucial for Infobip’s business as it is for its customers. By using the Resilio Active Everywhere platform to synchronize mission-critical files across 40+ data centers around the world, Infobip delivers superb platform availability, meeting the highest standard in the global mobile services industry.

“The business benefits of Resilio are huge since our services and teams rely on syncing data between data centers. Resilio is a great solution due to its ease of configuration, stability of service, regular updates with new features, and the speed syncing hundreds of thousands of files.” Goran Buač, Senior Systems Infrastructure Engineer at Infobip

The Challenge

Prior to introducing Resilio to their stack, Infobip’s infrastructure team had to tackle challenges related to performance and unpredictable synchronization speeds, compounded by wide-area networks of varying quality and speeds spanning the globe.

These limitations put a strain on Infobip’s infrastructure team as they aimed to deliver consistent and reliable services, a critical aspect for its enterprise clients, who have high expectations regarding uptime as part of their service level agreement (SLA).

“The legacy solution we used was not as stable,” said Goran Slukan, Staff Engineer with Infobip.

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There were also challenges related to network latency. According to Slukan, some sites experienced very high latency. The conventional replication and sync tools the team tested did not work reliably across the network. 

Infobip needed a solution that kept all of its sites highly available, accessible, and current within seconds. Moreover, the solution needed to be WAN-optimized—to overcome latency and achieve predictable speeds across multiple data centers and networks. Additionally, since these files may contain user data, adhering to data privacy regulations in each country was mission-critical.

When it came to meeting both the strict SLAs set by their enterprise customers and the data regulations established by government bodies, Infobip decided on Resilio.

The Solution

After a thorough evaluation, Resilio proved to be a good choice for Infobip. Its WAN-optimized, UDP-based protocol, combined with its distributed peer-to-peer (P2P) technology, ensured reliability for all of its customers. The Resilio platform ensures predictable operation in countries with challenging network environments. Resilio seamlessly adapts to varying network conditions, ensuring continuous and rapid data synchronization across Infobip’s dozens of global data centers.

Goran Buač, Senior Systems Infrastructure Engineer at Infobip, noticed Resilio’s advantages immediately, stating, “Resilio resolved issues with real-time syncing. Using P2P is a huge benefit because we have different link speeds in different countries. One of the biggest benefits of Resilio is its bandwidth scheduler, which allows us to finetune the syncing process depending on service needs, link speeds, and bandwidth usage on various ISPs.”

With more than 3,600 employees across 75 offices on six continents, scale is just as crucial for Infobip’s business as it is for its customers. By using the Resilio Active Everywhere platform to synchronize mission-critical files across 20+ data centers around the world, Infobip delivers superb platform availability, meeting the highest standard in the global mobile services industry.

Moreover, Resilio’s intuitive web interface and robust error handling significantly streamlined Infobip’s operations. Slukan explained, “Resilio just works. It has protections built-in, and role-based access control (RBAC) is easy to maintain. We can easily create read-only groups, so users can see the progress of jobs with full visibility.”

The Resilio Active Everywhere platform is purpose-built to deliver active, current, and accessible file data everywhere. Infobip now has easy and unified access to files wherever they’re stored—in a data center, in the cloud, or on edge networks—across any distance.

Designed for automation and speed, Resilio is up to 10x faster than conventional replication software. It’s easily managed by global leaders like Infobip with the most demanding enterprise IT environments.

Slukan said one of his favorite aspects of Resilio is ease of use: “Deploying a new Resilio agent only takes a few minutes. Not only is Resilio easy to maintain, monitor, and handle, but it’s also easy to explain to other RBAC users. The system is self-explanatory.”

The Results

Infobip’s adoption of the Resilio Active Everywhere platform has led to a transformative impact on its entire operations.

Key results include:

  • Business continuance and SLA compliance: Resilio’s technology played a pivotal role in enabling Infobip to meet the most rigorous uptime requirements set by the SLAs of its largest customers. Downtime is unacceptable—during planned maintenance windows or an unplanned outage. In either case, Resilio enables the resilience and robustness of the Infobip Platform. Business continuity and SLA compliance remain vital for Infobip.

  • Cost and time savings: With Resilio, greater reliability means higher revenues. Instead of spending hours managing each job, the Infobip team can deploy a new data center or configure jobs with Resilio in just a few clicks—saving substantial time on every single task.

  • Enhanced productivity: Notably, Slukan reported that with all the time Resilio has saved the team, they’re free to focus on other priorities, including strengthening security, learning emerging technologies, and improving their infrastructure in other ways. “All of our stakeholders are big users of Resilio, and they’re happy to have Resilio on their side, helping them do their jobs better,” said Slukan.

  • Fast and reliable data migration: With over 50 active Resilio agents, Infobip transfers nearly 2TBs per day, depending on the job. has successfully transferred nearly 900 terabytes of data so far. Without the need for extensive coordination, the infrastructure team can simply adjust their workflows, speeds, and bandwidth based on timeframe, location, and country regulations. They can easily distribute or synchronize updates among multiple jobs between data centers and replicate and sync large files at lightning speed—even in areas with poor and unreliable connections or where bandwidth is limited.

By partnering with Resilio, Infobip has gained a partner who can offer the quality service the team needs. Resilio provides 24x7 global support, so whether fixing bugs or rolling out new features, businesses like Infobip can rely on Resilio every step of the way.

"I think the concept of people being more distributed and being able to work from home is here to stay. With Resilio in place and building in other aspects around it to make the content secure, we've achieved that in such a way that we can have a more diverse workforce and give our staff more flexibility with how they can work in the future."Goran Slukan, Staff Engineer at Infobip


Infobip’s strategic partnership with Resilio has transformed its global infrastructure and operations. With the Resilio Active Everywhere platform, Infobip has achieved notable results, from fast, reliable full mesh synchronization across its expansive network of data centers to significant time savings that boost team productivity.

Most importantly, this collaboration has made it easier for Infobip to consistently meet and exceed stringent SLA requirements, solidifying the company’s reputation as a global leader in omnichannel communication. 

With Resilio, businesses get resilient access to mission-critical file data securely, reliably, and active—everywhere.

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