DFS Replication Issues and Alternative Options

Resilio Connect

Resilio Connect is a file transfer and synchronization solution. It is centrally managed and built to integrate with other IT and OPS tools. It can scale to support 1000s of headless endpoints, and millions of files.



DFSR, or distributed files system replication, is a feature of Windows Server for replicating files across several servers. Microsoft introduced this feature in Windows NT4.0 as an add-on, and it became a standard feature in Windows 2000 server and on.

Features & Benefits



Speed & Scale

Fast P2P transfer
WAN optimization
Bandwidth scheduler
Cross platform solution
Max. number of servers
256 for each replication group
Max. number of files
WinServer 2012R2: 70M, WinServer 2008: 11M
Time to replicate 100K files, 4kb each (tested on WinServers w/Intel Core i7 CPU, 3.40 GHz)
17 minutes
46 minutes

File Capabilities

File change monitoring
Rename or move detection
Archive of deleted and modified files
Selective sync
ACL replication
Max. file size
WinServer 2012R2: 250 GB, WinServer 2008: 64 GB
File encryption


End-to-end encryption
mutual server authentication
Multiple admin roles
AD/LDAP integration


Connection loss recovery
File Integrity verification
File blocks transmission from multiple peers
Smart routing of file blocks
NAT traversal

Admin & Automation

Licensed for unlimited data
Granular network controls
Run as a service
Job scheduler
Scripting triggers
"We were able to turn around graphic proofs quicker based on our staff’s availability, versus forcing it through a bottleneck at a specific office. Connect has made us more efficient" — Ken Brubacher, Project Manager.
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“Our engineers deployed a successful test version in a hour - without reading a ton of manuals - that delivered the best result of all the solutions we tried” — Roman Sakno, Enterprise Architect at Wargaming.
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"If we bought about 40 additional servers it would have been pretty expensive. Resilio is a much cheaper solution for us right now." — Mario Jost, Systems Engineer @Mercedes-Benz
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"Resilio Connect enables us to reliably distribute our code, specifically new language models in a fraction of time. These copy jobs now take an hour, down from eight."— Christian Bryndum, VoiceBase’s Director of Operations
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