Case-Study: Van Oord

Reliable Patch Deployment with Resilio

Secures Marine Vessels Out at Sea


Challenge: Patching 100s of endpoints on dozens of vessels at sea

It was imperative for the IT team managing Van Oord’s network and infrastructure to ensure that each of their Windows Servers and workstation devices were patched and secured with the latest security updates. Prior to partnering with Resilio, Van Oord was strained with the difficulty of transferring data to and from their vessels over intermittent internet connections.

Van Oord’s vessels at sea are connected over latent, low-bandwidth satellite internet that initiates periodic connection drops. Prior to using Resilio, the team used Microsoft SCCM with a Distribution Point (DP) on every vessel. But with frequent network disconnects, SCCM and the DPs could not get the systems to reliably update.

The IT team at Van Oord needed a solution that was robust and powerful enough to overcome frequent dropped connections and that could 100% deliver every file to each endpoint under any condition.

“Prior to Connect, we were using SCCM. Our vessel environment operates over extremely slow and unreliable connections and SCCM couldn’t deliver updates and wasted costly satellite bandwidth in such an environment.With Connect, our speed of deployments goes much faster than SCCM, its post-transfer scripts are powerful and execute instantly. Now we have a bullet-proof solution that can overcome our complex environment.”— Leo Blom, Senior ICT Engineer. Van Oord

Solution:  Reliable P2P transfer protocol that delivers data over any connection

Resilio Connect offered a reliable data distribution protocol that overcame Van Oord’s intermittent internet connections. Once each vessel received an update, Resilio Connect distributed it to every endpoint on the vessel over the local network. Resilio Connect was a perfect replacement for SCCM’s Distribution Points.

The IT team at Van Oord took it a step further by using Connect’s scripting capabilities and completely eliminated the need for deployment via SCCM. The remote scripting enabled the IT team to install applications and configure systems as needed. This combined with the central dashboard gave the team complete visibility into the status of every update job and every endpoint in their network.

“But with Resilio, you know your job has run and you can initiate scripting triggers to get feedback from clients to know if a patch is installed correctly or not,” said Leo Blom Senior ICT Engineer at Van Oord.  Van Oord was able to successfully patch every vessel no matter how fragile the connection  and the distance of the vessel traveling far out at sea.


After partnering with Resilio, Van Oord patched 100s of devices and  protected all vessel systems in a few hours (despite a monthly average of 16.000 network disconnects).

Connect’s speed and reliability patched every device in their vessel environment just before the WannaCry outbreak. Van Oord’s IT team was back in control and had the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they have the right tools to get the job done.

Moving Forward

After experiencing the power behind Connect on their managed Windows machines, Van Oord is looking to take advantage of Resilio Connect’s cross-platform capabilities and expand the deployment to vessels that use a mix of operating systems (Windows, Linux, and various NAS devices).

“Resilio has helped Van Oord greatly because now we are able to get data over really poor satellite connections, and we were able to patch our entire vessel environment faster than ever.”



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