Essential Features of a Reliable EFSS

EFSS: What Should You Look For?

Choosing EFSS: What Features Are Required?

When it comes to the needs of a busy enterprise, sharing data is at the top of the list. Proper communication of pertinent information is the foundation of any thriving organization, and having the technological capabilities to share data securely, quickly, and accurately is something that every business looks for. When you’re looking for enterprise file synchronization and sharing solutions (EFSS), which features should you look for? There are plenty of options on the market, and every EFSS tool promises its own benefits..

What is the Purpose of Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing?

EFSS is designed to help you transfer data at the business level. Every organization has important information and appropriate parties who are privy to access this information. Whether you need to make sure vendor contracts are accessible by partners or that safety updates can be viewed by all team members, these tools can help make doing so much easier.
When you share data, you probably have a few main concerns. How quickly can your data be shared? How easy is it to update data once it is entered into a given system? And can all of these functions be handled securely without putting your data at risk? EFSS can benefit your business in a big way, provided you’re utilizing the proper features.

Cross-Device Functionality and Secure File Transfers

Many businesses rely on a variety of devices to handle their operations. From laptops to tablets to mobile devices, it can be difficult sharing data across various platforms without the right solution. EFSS software that utilizes cloud storage and file synchronization can ensure that everyone in your business can get the correct version of a file no matter what device they are using.

Of course any business that transfers important data regularly will be concerned about security. The thought of important files being intercepted by unauthorized parties can make anyone stray from cloud storage solutions. However, advanced EFSS utilizes encryption to make sure files cannot be intercepted when they are being retrieved or stored.

Keeping Files Accurate on All Platforms

When you store files for your business, you may have to edit them on a regular basis. But what if you store a file on the cloud, download it, and then make changes to it? Having to change it on the cloud as well can be cumbersome and time-consuming, which is why EFSS ensure updated files in real-time, according to user-specified rules.

Finding the right EFSS solution gives your business an advantage in terms of secure, reliable, and fast data sharing over multiple devices. To find out more about getting an enterprise file synchronization and sharing solution, contact us today!