Resilio’s Zero Gravity Transport(™) WAN Acceleration Agent Speeds Data to 10+ Gbps

Resilio’s Zero Gravity Transport(™) WAN Acceleration Agent Speeds Data to 10+ Gbps

The Challenge of Big Data

The weight of the world’s data is growing at an exponential rate, accumulating across an increasingly global and interconnected enterprise. On top of this, the pace of business is faster than ever, accelerated by digitization and machine learning where potential is maximized by the inverse relationship of data and time. Taken together, the crushing demand for more data, in more places and in less time exposes speed and scale challenges throughout the enterprise, creating material business risk inside DevOps and IT.

Data Grows Fast, Resilio Scales Faster

Meeting these challenges requires new technologies in data management. Legacy WAN optimization solutions and serial thinking are simply not up to the scaling challenges of modern data management demands. Fortunately, Resilio has strong roots in moving the world’s data with proprietary technology that is both concurrent and scales faster than any solution on the market. And we never stop innovating, inventing new ways to make your business run faster.

Resilio Connect’s Zero Gravity Transport(™) is the Fastest Way to Sync Data

Available in Resilio Connect v2.9 or later, Zero Gravity Transport(™) is our most advanced WAN optimization technology yet, powering the Resilio Connect data management solution over wide area networks and integrating with the public cloud while delivering 10Gbps data transfer speeds per server agent regardless of intervening network conditions such as high latency or significant packet loss. Cluster multiple 10Gbps ZGT agents in combination to produce even faster data transfer speeds (scale out) and between any number of locations. Furthermore, Resilio’s distributed peer to peer architecture leverages any available capacity concurrently across all 10Gbps agents in all locations (in a full mesh) to maximize systemic throughput when synchronizing or distributing data between multiple sites. Taken together, Zero Gravity Transport(™) in Resilio Connect delivers 100x or greater speeds over existing solutions.

Eliminate Idle Time with Resilio Connect ZGT

As with size, speed matters. Using Resilio Connect ZGT WAN optimization, data intensive workflows happen significantly faster, eliminating idle time between teams or across mission critical applications. Common time-sensitive workflows that benefit from Resilio Connect ZGT include:

These mission critical data workflows have a clear ROI when made faster. For example, a more efficient R&D spend, a faster time to market for the next blockbuster video game, a better machine learning algorithm that beats the competition, on time integration of an acquired company’s IT systems and data, moving workflows to the cloud faster and decommissioning legacy IT expense and data centers.

How Resilio Connect ZGT Works

Resilio Connect ZGT WAN optimization is an advanced transfer protocol that overcomes inherent limitations in network connectivity. Modern high-speed internet connections often go underutilized for large file transfers and other applications, leading to inefficiencies in spend and workflows which result in underwhelming application performance. Resilio Connect ZGT intelligently analyzes the underlying network performance by measuring packet loss, latency and throughput over time and automatically adjusts to maximize utilization of the internet connection, in line with the bandwidth profile that has been established for the job. This results in consistent transfer speeds for network traffic well beyond the capabilities of FTP or competing file sync products that rely on TCP as well as other legacy WAN optimization technology. The bandwidth profile manages the overall traffic shaping for the job and defines the performance of the ZGT protocol relative to each data transfer workflow, defining how much of the connection ZGT is allowed to use at any given time.

Like earlier versions of Resilio’s WAN acceleration technology, the ZGT protocol integrates state of the art, block-level data deduplication, and data caching that ensures data already sent in earlier transfers is not retransmitted again. Furthermore, edge performance is not sacrificed in the process, as the ZGT protocol seamlessly adjusts to low capacity links at the network’s edge with optional data compression methods available for metered connections.

While Resilio Connect is much more than the typical sd-wan solution, ZGT does integrate sd-wan technology for edge computing, IIoT, and other branch office applications. On top of this high-performance WAN optimization solution, Resilio Connect ZGT adds flexible and scalable data management, centralized control and monitoring, block-level data synchronization across 10’s of millions of files and powerful IT automation into a single product.

Faster Connections to the Public Cloud with ZGT

Resilio Connect ZGT agents can also run inside public or private cloud instances and connect natively with object storage. This allows existing edge workflows to connect with the public cloud (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google GCP) at similar speeds as local ZGT agents (10 Gbps and beyond when combining agents). You can learn more about the object storage options available in Resilio Connect.

Free Yourself from the Heavy Burden of Big Data with Resilio Connect ZGT. Sign up for a free trial or schedule a demo today.


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