BitTorrent Sync Announces Support for Network Attached Storage (NAS)

BitTorrent Sync on NAS ensures your data is available all the time, on all your devices.

BitTorrent Sync was built to move fast. To offer unlimited access. To do the heavy lifting without the heavy price tag, all while being more private and secure than the public cloud. Now with NAS integration, both products can do more.


I love NAS devices, as long as they’re simple, automated, responsive and require little to no maintenance. At my previous company, I worked with a great team of people and built a NAS device that met all these attributes; its value came from its ability to store and serve up lots of data on a local network, while providing a safeguard for disk drive failure. But, what NAS does not naturally provide is a means to easily move data to another device, inside or outside the environment that it lives in. The alternative is to put your data in the cloud, but then you sacrifice capacity, performance and affordability. Most of all, you sacrifice the privacy of your data.

BitTorrent Sync already offers the safest and most efficient way to sync data between devices. We’re now introducing our support of network-attached storage (NAS) devices to offer BitTorrent-built Sync apps in vendor storefronts; creating a simple path to access and transfer your data from the NAS to a desktop, mobile or other NAS device, whenever and wherever you need it (and we mean all of your data, not some of it: without limits or storage fees). It eliminates the cumbersome process of having to open ports on your router, setting up a VPN, choosing security settings and creating user names/passwords.

NetGear is our first partner to launch a native BitTorrent Sync app, which can be accessed from the ReadyNAS Add Ons page today. Any of NetGear’s home and business products running OS6 will support BitTorrent Sync, including the home network series ReadyNAS 102 and ReadyNAS 104; the business desktop series ReadyNAS 312, ReadyNAS 314, ReadyNAS 316, ReadyNAS 516, and ReadyNAS 716X; as well as the SMB and enterprise-class friendly Business Rackmount Storage series  ReadyNAS 2120, ReadyNAS 3220, and ReadyNAS 4220.

BitTorrent Sync lets you sync and share an unlimited number of files and folders across all of your trusted devices. No file, photo, PDF is too big or small, Sync can handle any size and there are no limits. Best of all, Sync works across multiple devices.

– Matt Pahnke, NetGear

With NAS integration, we’re able to retain the same level of device-to-device security, file transfer speeds and cost savings that BitTorrent can deliver, while allowing you to tap into the large capacity of your NAS device. If you’re someone with lots of personal data, a NAS will help protect and serve up that data – and Sync will allow you to access it anytime, anywhere.

We remove the risks and loss-of-control that comes with cloud-based solutions. Because most of all, Sync was built on the idea that your data belongs to you – and not the cloud.

With BitTorrent Sync integration, NAS devices become inherently more useful. We’ve recently talked about how Columbia biophysicist Michelle Gill uses BitTorrent Sync to keep her data up to date across multiple locations, including her Mac, a web server, and a NAS.

We’ve seen how BitTorrent Sync increases productivity on machine-to-machine workflow, such as when Ken Erwin reduced web deployment times at Angie’s List from hours to seconds.

And Theron Conrey showed us how BitTorrent Sync is used as Geo-Replication for storage, stating, “I like the flexibility of Sync and the encrypted transmission offering. This is more important today than ever, and if you’re moving customer data between sites you want to know it’s taken care of in flight. Sync offers a file system / storage system independent replication offering allowing for not only like array replication, but also replication to different array types.”

News on additional NAS partners will be announced soon.

Happy Syncing, and we invite you to talk with us in the forums if you have any questions or comments.