Busting the Top 4 Myths Around Remote Work in Post-Production

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Three years after the Covid-19 pandemic shuttered businesses nationwide, research proves that working norms have forever changed. According to McKinsey, 58 percent of job holders in the U.S.—the equivalent of 92 million people—say they can work remotely at least part of the time. And in the industries of arts, design, entertainment, sports and media, that figure skyrockets to 80 percent.

Despite the statistics that remote work is here to stay, many opponents still hold outdated beliefs about its efficacy, especially when it comes to collaborative, remote post-production work. At Resilio, we know that creative teams today can work from anywhere, using any device, so we’re here to bust the top 4 myths we hear about remote work in post-production.

After addressing each myth, we’ll then explain how post-production teams can make remote work more efficient, as well as why leading studios and creative agencies rely on Resilio to collaborate around the world.

Let’s jump in.

Myth #1: Creative teams aren’t as productive while working remotely

When you consider creative professionals’ most common pain points around remote work, you can see why this myth persists. When organizations are widely distributed, they need to share, edit and update large high-value assets—up to 8K or even 16K—across multiple remote locations.

But this isn’t a team problem—it’s a technology problem. Of course, people aren’t as productive when their file transfer tools aren’t fast or reliable enough or their cloud-based solutions aren’t cutting it.

Every company can and should be able to work effectively, regardless of industry, location or data needs. It shouldn’t be revolutionary to declare that technology should meet the demands of growing global teams, but too many businesses are limiting their potential solely based on the platforms they use.

We’ll double-click on that point in the next myth, but for now, we’ll say that if the leaders at one of the most prestigious studios believe remote work isn’t science fiction, we agree:

“I think the concept of people being more distributed and being able to work from home is here to stay. With Resilio in place and building in other aspects around it to make the content secure, we’ve achieved that in such a way that we can have a more diverse workforce and give our staff more flexibility with how they can work in the future.”

~ Steve Morris, Director of Engineering at Skywalker Sound

Myth #2: Technology can’t meet the demands of creative teams

“But no tools can check off all our boxes!” naysayers will insist, which is why this myth still burns brightly. Media and entertainment companies are often stuck in a Goldilocks-style problem: the assets are too large, the transfers are too slow, and no solution is just right.

And we don’t blame them, because this was true in the past. Real-time syncing, networking, and offline access—these were significant challenges, especially when integrating with an organization’s existing infrastructure.

But technology has come such a long way in just a few years, and now advanced solutions can work out of the box. Just integrate them with your existing infrastructure—no installation hassles or Ph.D.-level training required.

And if there’s anything that top media businesses do extremely well, it’s capitalizing on cutting-edge trends:

“Some people are stuck in their old ways and workflows. Well, [there’s] a better way. For us, that’s Resilio.”

~ Brady Small, Sr. Production Engineer Sports Central Systems at Turner Sports

Myth #3: Remote work isn’t secure

None of these myths are a laughing matter, but the issue of security is a particularly pressing one. The cloud and networks in general aren’t always safe for storing and transferring digital assets. Yet, many solutions require VPNs or third-party security services. 

Here at Resilio, we believe that security has to be built-in to the solution—and not something you’ll have to go to a third party for. Wherever your team works, we’ve got you covered from a security perspective.

These days you shouldn’t have to sacrifice speed and ease of use for security. Modern data transfer and file delivery systems should protect files across whatever internet connection you happen to be using—no VPNs needed. Your data is yours, and no provider should ever have access to it. Make sure the platform you choose encrypts files end-to-end, both at rest and in flight.

When resilience and security are built into every part of your remote workflow, your team will be just as protected as they did within the four walls of your headquarters:

“Clearly the work environment has changed recently and with all of our users working from home, our setup using ZDAM and Resilio allowed our users to head home, be safe and continue to seamlessly work, just as they did in the office.”

~ Jason Dittmer, VP of Technology at MERGE

Myth #4: It’s too expensive for creative teams to work remotely

Fast and flexible, simple and secure, easy and affordable? Some folks may say no way that’s possible. How can companies support the creative work of their globally distributed teams without breaking the bank?

It’s no secret that many file transfer and WAN optimization technologies used in the media and entertainment industry charge a Hollywood premium, but cost-effective solutions do exist—even for small and mid-sized studios.

The key is not to tack on unnecessary tech bloat. Avoid proprietary cloud file systems and proprietary data formats and seek solutions that run on IT infrastructure (desktops, servers, storage and networks) your team already knows and owns:

“There isn’t really another cost-effective way for us to do what we need to do. If we didn’t have Resilio Connect, it would take a lot of time. It would take a lot of energy to make sure things are in parity. It would take a lot of IT overhead to make sure things don’t break. It would negatively change the viability of our business.”

~ Luke Marchant, Head of Technology at Sunrise Productions

Effective Remote Work With Resilio

As Skywalker Sound, Turner Sports, MERGE and Sunrise Productions can attest, any business can successfully work remotely, even the most data-intensive Hollywood studios. And the universal file delivery system they trust is Resilio.

Resilio makes it easy for creative teams to work and collaborate from anywhere—using any device, network connection, and any type of storage. Media assets can be any size and type, from large image files to 4K to 8K and even 16K! Resilio rapidly and resiliently synchronizes changes to files in real-time—to any number of people and places, globally. 

If you’re looking for an easy, fast, flexible and workflow-friendly solution for remote post-production, reach out and schedule a demo of Resilio today.


Three years after the Covid-19 pandemic shuttered businesses nationwide, research proves that working norms have forever changed. According to McKinsey, 58 percent of job holders in the U.S.—the equivalent of 92 million people—say they can work remotely at least part of the time.

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