Sync 2.3 Brings More Features For Power Users

Sync provides a simple and powerful solution: the ability to move large amounts of data directly between devices. This concept has a wide variety of use cases and today we’re announcing the release of Sync 2.3, which provides new features to better support power users seeking to unlock Sync’s full potential.

The first of these features is the Encrypted Folder. Sync is simple to use in combination with your cloud provider’s storage space or a networked storage device (NAS) to ensure data redundancy for backup, but having your data stored anywhere on 3rd party infrastructure can be concerning. With the the new Sync Encrypted Folder option, we give you the ability to encrypt your data at rest on any location you designate. Encrypted Folders can be shared to read-only nodes to provide an offsite snapshot of your data without providing direct access, or you can use multiple Encrypted Folders to increase the reliability of your peer swarm. Read more in our detailed blog post.

Sync 2.3 brings additional features that have been driven by user feedback gathered from surveys, our forum, and direct research:

* The ability to run Sync as a service on Windows. Running Sync as a service allows you to automatically run in the background regardless of whether a user is logged in, which is particularly useful for server use.
* Support for moving data to and from an SD card on Android 5+ devices. Back up photos and access additional storage.
* Selective Sync support on all flavors of Sync for Linux. Download only the files you need, when you need them without having to replicate entire folders on your Linux box.

Along with these features comes a redesign of the ‘Add Folder’ flow that’s intended to make it easier to enter keys and to provide more information about different folder types, the ability to change the folder path when data has been moved, and a new design for advanced preferences. There are also a host of bug fixes and performance improvements, many focused around large number of files and network drives. The full changelog can be found here.

With the exception of Selective Sync for Linux, all the features in 2.3 will be available in the Free and Pro versions of Sync. We’re committed to continuing to build the best way to move data across devices for personal, prosumer, and business use and thank our users for all of their input. Your continued feedback will help us evolve Sync into something even greater. We’re providing a 25% discount off Sync Pro and Workgroups using the code 2dot3launch through 1/31 to say thank you.

We’re also excited to provide an update on our Sync IT Alpha Program. Sync IT is an evolution of the Sync engine engineered for file replication with performance, scalability, and security in mind. We’re working closely with enterprise Early Adoption customers in retail, education, media, municipal, and other verticals to refine our feature set and improve speed and reliability. If you’re interested in becoming part of the Alpha Program, we’re accepting applications for a second round of participants.

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