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Resilio’s technology offers the fastest delivery time across a broad array of network speeds  common to the modern Enterprise.  Our products combine peer to peer, rsync-like delta encoding, and WAN Optimization, three of the most powerful data transmission technologies, into one single solution.

The Early Internet

The early Internet was predominantly a peer to peer system.  It was a network populated with academics and researchers, and computers connected to this network were largely equal in that each contributed as much information as they received.

As the Internet matured, the client – server model came to dominate, especially with the advent of http and the World Wide Web.  In this system, roles were separated with consumers as “clients” connecting to “servers” somewhere on the network that would distribute content and data.  Serving a massive  audience required a  vast number of these servers.
As demand grows in this model, performance declines and fragility increases.  The same number of servers must  meet the needs of a larger number of clients.  Sharing the growing load naturally degrades the performance available to each client. Additionally, such systems are inherently fragile.  With a single source of content at the servers, you introduce single points of failure that can result in complete downtime for an application.

Peer to Peer Systems

Peer to peer systems are fundamentally different.  In these systems, every “consumer” is also a “producer.”  Using the language of the client server model, each participant is both “client” and “server”.  In this way peer to peer systems become organically scalable.  As more demand emerges for any content, so does more supply.  As demand grows, the system becomes incredibly fault tolerant and actually gets faster, in sharp contrast to the client server model, which gets noticeably slower, and more fragile under the same circumstances.

To summarize this section, peer to peer has several advantages:

  • It is faster
  • It is more robust
  • It reduces the load on the server
  • It’s an efficient use of infrastructure

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