Solving the Top Challenges of Cloud Cost Optimization

Solving the Top Challenges of Cloud Cost Optimization

With most companies concerned about entering an economic downturn, half of IT professionals expected budget cuts heading into 2023. Cloud spend, which compromised 26% of overall IT budgets last year, continues to grow but at a slower rate. If one dollar of every four is dedicated to cloud services, it behooves your business to optimize costs wherever possible.

In this post, we discuss the top three challenges of cloud cost optimization and reveal how hybrid cloud storage and multi-cloud solutions from Resilio can help.

Without further ado, let’s dive into problem-solving.

Challenge #1: Cutting cloud costs degrades performance

All IT teams know this common fire drill when asked to reduce budgets: slash the cloud bill until reliability suffers, then spend more to stabilize, rinse and repeat.

The problem is most cloud providers don’t have efficient ways of ingesting and replicating data within their cloud.  Worse, in collaboration scenarios, some providers use legacy hub-and-spoke architectures where data is sent to the cloud environment before it can be accessed by others, which limits performance and increases costs. When it comes to cloud cost management, architecture matters.

One way to modernize your tech stack and reduce your cloud bill is through distributed, peer-to-peer (P2P) architectures. P2P allows data to be ingested reliably and rapidly replicated from any remote or on-prem environment to any cloud infrastructure. 

Some implementations, such as Resilio Connect, bypass performance inefficiencies at the hub, giving you complete control of how you move and synchronize data sets. Achieving greater cost savings is easier because you can selectively download only the files you need, minimizing egress traffic, and keep traffic on your cloud provider’s network.

When it comes to reducing cloud spend, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice reliability and scalability for affordability. The right solution should give you an efficient and cost-effective way to use on-premises storage combined with long-term cloud object storage, all through a single, unified interface.

“If we bought about 40 additional servers, it would have been pretty expensive. Resilio is a much cheaper solution for us right now.”

~ Mario Jost, Systems Engineer at Mercedez-Benz

Challenge #2: Vendor lock-in hinders cloud cost optimization

Cloud vendors love to brag about their product’s “stickiness.” Storage vendors love to brag about their specific capabilities. But at the end of the day, you don’t want to be locked into a single vendor for storage or cloud services. Proprietary storage and cloud infrastructure are not only cost-prohibitive—they lock you in.

Your data is your data. You should be able to move and replicate it where you need to, when you need to. Modern file replication and synchronization solutions should be flexible to support your cloud provider of choice. Moreover, you should be able to mix and match your cloud infrastructure with your on-premises infrastructure—to optimally utilize storage and other IT assets you already own.

For instance, Resilio Connect gives you the flexibility to utilize any type of on-premises storage, servers, or networks—and your choice of cloud. Resilio is multi-cloud and storage independent. Resilio supports Amazon AWS S3, Microsoft Azure Files, Azure NetApp Files, Azure Blobs, Google Cloud Storage, IBM, Wasabi, Oracle, and any other S3-compatible object storage. 

Most cloud providers offer a variety of data ingest and sync tools (such as AWS DataSync and Azure File Sync).  But most modern enterprises need the flexibility to pivot at a moment’s notice to optimize costs, tear down projects in one cloud, and spin up projects in another cloud when needed.

“With Resilio, all data is synchronized in real-time across all of our sites…From a disaster recovery perspective, we likely saved $8.6 million in remote access to our graphics-intensive 3D workstations.”

~ Product Lead at a top North American engineering and construction company

Challenge #3: Remote work should be easy and multi-cloud

Cloud computing revolutionized the way we work, allowing us to collaborate wherever we are. However, some hybrid cloud solutions are proprietary and constrained by hub-and-spoke architectures. For example, when collaborating on large files, it should be fast and easy to sync changes from anywhere, with or without the cloud.  

When evaluating remote work-ready hybrid cloud solutions, look for technologies that don’t require continuous online access or VPNs or third-party security solutions for remote work. 

Resilio Connect, in particular, greatly simplifies remote work and allows you to use any cloud providers’ infrastructure if you so choose. For post-production teams and creatives at large, Resilio is the ideal solution for large file collaboration, distribution, and server synchronization.  

“If a music program updates in one location, file changes are detected and propagated across servers within two seconds. That rapid update and real-time synchronization has been a saving grace for us.”

~ Gary Hanna, CEO of Mixhits Radio

Convenient Cloud Cost Optimization With Resilio Connect

One of the key ways to reduce cloud spend and keep your cloud bill low is efficient file sync and replication. Resilio gives you complete control over how you move your files to the cloud, within the cloud, and from the cloud to reduce egress traffic. 

Through capabilities like Transparent Selective Sync and Smart Cloud Routing, Resilio eliminates unnecessary data movement and egress. Through a yearly subscription model, you can move and synchronize as many files and objects as you need—and there are no limits on file and object sizes.  

Moreover, business-critical transfers, such as uploads, distribution, and on-premises to cloud sync always just work.  There are no frustrating retries or other inefficiencies. 

As Mercedes-Benz, Mixhits Radio and other leading enterprises know firsthand, you can reduce cloud spend and optimize overall IT costs without jeopardizing your business. And the distributed hybrid cloud storage they trust is Resilio.

Resilio provides the most reliable and efficient way to move data.  It can be on-demand or in real-time. There’s no vendor lock-in. Your IT team can leverage, extend, and drive up utilization of existing storage systems. Bandwidth is allocated based on policies you choose. Moreover, your data is always where you need it to be—delivered in predictable time frames.

If you’re looking to break free from vendor lock-in, gain control of your data—Resilio offers an efficient, fast, and flexible solution for cloud cost optimization. Please reach out to and schedule a demo of Resilio today.

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