Sync Dev: Resources For Building On Sync’s API

Developing on the BitTorrent Sync API? Our developer evangelist is here to work with you.

It’s not a secret – one of my personal and professional goals is to get more people building decentralised peer-to-peer applications on Sync’s API.  The Sync developer community has been great so far with providing wrappers, help on the forums, etc so that you can build your very own decentralised application on the Sync API!

In addition to our great developer forums, here are some other resources to get you going.

Python – A Python API client for BitTorrent Sync – A light wrapper around the Sync API. For now, this code assumes a btsync instance is running with a working API key. – This is a simple python wrapper around the BTSync API.

Ruby – A Ruby wrapper for the Sync API.

PHP – An easy way to access Sync’s API from PHP. – A PHP Wrapper for the Sync API.

bash – Bash binding for the Sync API.

Have you created a wrapper for the Sync API or something else using our API?  Tell me about it!


Photo: Flickr/Michael Himbeault

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