Sync 2.2 Now Available

Sync is a big idea providing a very simple solution: the ability to move large amounts of data directly and efficiently between devices without the public cloud. We’ve been evolving the initiative from the start, and the launch of Sync 2.0 was a major milestone: the introduction of a commercial version of the product.

Today we are announcing the release of Sync 2.2. This version will offer a clearer delineation between personal users and business users. With 2.2, personal users are now able to purchase a one-time license for Sync Pro for USD $39.99 that gives you all the Pro features. Existing personal users will be able to convert to this non-subscription license. Business accounts for Sync Pro will remain subscription based.

We also remain committed to offering a great free version of Sync and with 2.2 we are removing the 10 folder limit for the free version. We’re also providing the option to opt-in to the Pro trial so the users of the free edition can try out the more powerful features.

Additional updates in the 2.2 release also include bug fixes, performance improvements, and new options for sharing folders. We’re also pleased to announce the introduction of a Sync reseller program.

As we have from the very genesis of Sync, we’ve made these updates based on key learnings we gathered from user surveys, our forum and other feedback channels. This has helped us learn how the product is being used and how we can better meet the needs of our users.

We are also pleased to announce that a Sync-based file replication product is in development for larger scale deployments. If you’d like to be informed on updates for that initiative, or would like to offer input in what we build, please sign up here.

As always, we thank our users for all of their input. You’ve helped make Sync a great product and your continued feedback will help us evolve it into something even greater.

Sync is the most efficient way to move data from device to device. Gartner highlighted Sync in its 2015 Magic Quadrant report as a Notable Vendor. Sync for Android was named by Time Magazine as a top 50 app of 2014.

2.2 FAQ

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