Resilio Connect: Q4 2019 Product Updates

Upcoming Releases/ Beta Program

We are always working on improving our product transfer speed and adding functionality that helps our customers to move data faster in a variety of new use cases. Currently, we are working on a release that would support speeds over 10 Gbps over WAN networks and ability to work directly with Amazon, Google and Azure clouds. If you are interested in testing Connect Beta version, have a preview of cloud or 10 Gbps functionality, please contact us at

New Product Updates

As part of the Resilio Connect subscription plan, updates and upgrades are included at no additional fee. In addition, Resilio support teams can remotely participate in the upgrade process to ensure a successful and efficient process. We are pleased to share our latest product updates with new features for Resilio Connect:

Resilio Connect version 2.8 includes many usability updates in addition to enhancements to reporting and Agent management. Stay up to date on all the latest Resilio Connect product releases by following our Help Center Updates and Change Log or click schedule an appointment to have our support team to perform your upgrade

New feature highlight: Automatic sorting of Agents in Groups

Additional Use Cases & Automation

Did you ever consider using the power of Resilio Connect for additional workflows? Visit our Resource Page to view Whitepapers and Case Studies on how companies are deploying and using Resilio today

Looking for further automation? Resilio Connect RESTful API allows the creation of robust and scalable data management solutions. The Management Console API exposes all the GUI functionality in a programmable way allowing you to create jobs, execute jobs, query status, and more.

WAN-Optimized File Transfers

Resilio Connect is a decentralized file transfer solution that provides fast data replication across any network. Unlike other WAN optimized point-to-point-based solutions such as Aspera, Signiant, and File Catalyst, Resilio Connect adds a true peer-to-peer layer that provides substantial benefits in data transfer speed and reliability.

Click to read our Whitepaper to learn more about the benefits our WAN Add-on.

New feature highlight: Measure network bandwidth between Agents


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