Resilio Sync Now Has an Official Docker Recipe

It doesn’t take reading through lengthy technical documents to understand why Docker’s flexible technology is creating buzz throughout the developer community.

With Docker and an understanding of the word “container”, you can get a clear picture of how quickly applications can be built and deployed across several architectures with minimal effort.

It only made sense to discover that Resilio Sync (formerly BitTorrent Sync), which is also proving to be a disruptive and useful technology to developers, is gaining interest in the Docker community, based on the number of community-based Sync recipes exist and the attention they’re getting.

Sync Docker Hub

Our team couldn’t be more excited about this discovery, so we’ve jumped on board by publishing our own official Resilio Sync recipe. By official, we mean a recipe that will be sanitized, maintained and updated as newer versions of Sync are released.

Since Sync is already the most popular p2p syncing and file sharing application available for Linux, Mac, Windows and popular NAS devices, it was only a matter of time for us to release a fail-safe recipe that could be easily consumed by the Docker community.

And thanks to all the developers using Sync in their personal, academic, or business projects, including all those leveraging our updated Sync API.

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Resilio Connect is a scalable, P2P solution for syncing and transferring enterprise data in real time, that is trusted by leading companies.

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