How a Video Post-Production Studio Uses BitTorrent Sync for Big Files

Cinetic Studios BitTorrent Sync

Jason Bowdach of Cinetic Studios shares how BitTorrent Sync helps this team manage increasingly massive video files internally as a team and externally with clients: 

As a post production studio specializing in color and finishing, we work with a tremendous amount of media. Over the past few years, the storage and online file requirements for our media has grown exponentially; it’s gone from a few GBs for an entire feature to several hundred GBs for a 60 second commercial. As a finishing artist, I take no compromises with quality, which tends to result in some fairly large files; this is especially true as we venture into 4K and larger video files.

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While services in the cloud and traditional FTPs worked for a while, we quickly ran into major issues as our storage requirements grew and outpaced literally every service we tested. For example, our last project required the transfer of ~130GBs of 6K media to us and ~15 GBs returned to the client after my work was completed a week later. I could not find another solution that  allows us to complete our data transfers reliably and on time to make our tight deadlines. In addition, a common issue with “non-commercial” Internet solutions, employed by many clients, is the connection will sometimes drop temporarily. BitTorrent Sync handles the interruption automatically and resumes the transfer as soon as an Internet connection is available again.

Our workflow for Sync is simple yet versatile. We provide some basic instructions to the client and request they share a folder with all the source media for the project. Once the files have started transferring, our three in-house servers will download the media, while backing up to each other for redundancy. Once all the media has been downloaded and managed, it goes through an additional back up procedure to an off-site facility.

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We integrated BitTorrent Sync into our workflow because it makes the process of transferring large volumes of data quick and easy for all parties involved. No other service provides such flexibility, while offering an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to “onboard” new clients, who may have been hesitant to use online file transfers in the past. The simplicity offered by only needing to trade a 35 digit code (or a link in some cases) is a massive improvement on previous solutions. No IP addresses, directories, etc. as previously required by other solutions.

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