How a Creative Film Company Uses Resilio Sync with Adobe Premiere to Share Files


Steve Cassingham, founder of Metastyle Films, shares how Resilio Sync (aka BitTorrent Sync) helps him and his editor share Adobe Premiere files without having to deal with consistent folder structures: 

Metastyle Films is a creative film company that was born out of a passion for sharing powerful stories with the world. These films focus on different sectors, including non-profit, business and real estate. We take an emotional approach to storytelling, pushing ourselves and leveraging our medium to capture the heart and core of a story.

Our projects range from some of the most progressive schools in the country, to the Boys and Girls Club of Silicon Valley. We believe in making a difference as best we can, using filmmaking as our muse.

For the Boys and Girls Club of Silicon Valley 

We use Adobe Premiere CC as our editing platform. Natively, Premiere relies on a file structure to reference of all of your files. When working with multiple editors, the transferring of footage can be a challenge if they do not keep a consistent folder structure. These different structures result in unlinked files while editing, which then takes time and frustration to relink the files. Since the goal of editing is efficiency, this was a problem that needed to be fixed without having to provide an entire document detailing file structure to an editor.

Resilio Sync has allowed us to get around this problem. I reside in the San Francisco Bay Area and I’m able to share an entire project folder with my editor that lives in Oregon. The only thing he has to do is to relink only one file out of the project, and Adobe Premiere finds the rest in the project folder automatically. It also allows me to open the project throughout the process and see what the edit looks like remotely. It streamlines the process and cuts editing time down immensely.Bittorrent_sync_adobe_premiereWe recently worked on a project for a triathlon here in California. The project involved shooting in southern California, downloading and sorting the footage in northern California, and editing in Oregon. In order to achieve this, the footage was downloaded to a hard drive, which was then uploaded to Resilio Sync and shared with the editor. The editor sent over the first draft and I was able to look at it on my computer, as the folders were in sync. It cut down our production time and we were able to deliver the product early, which pleased the client.

In terms of our setup, we structure every story under a parent folder by project. Within it, we have our footage which is then separated by gear, shot or subject. Once the raw footage is sorted, we drag the entire project folder into Resilio Sync and then share it with the editor. The editor then syncs the folders and gets to editing.

We have found Resilio Sync (aka BitTorrent Sync) to be a massive time saver and productivity tool that allows for an incredible team to come together and work from different places; to deliver powerful, impactful films. Sync is changing the way business is done and our day-to-day work lives.

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