BitTorrent Sync is now Resilio Sync

Three years after the launch of BitTorrent Sync, we are pleased to announce Resilio Sync 2.4.

The new version is considerably faster than earlier versions and the competition. Like all previous versions, Sync. 2.4 is free to download.  The new version also adds a pro feature that allows users to schedule limits on upload and download speeds and to limit usage during work or peak internet use hours.

Resilio Sync 2.4 is available for download here.
Buy the Pro version now for $19.99 (expires Nov-11)

Also available now is a 30-day free trial of Sync for Workgroups.
Sync for Workgroups is Resilio’s fastest and best way for teams to collaborate on big files. A trial version of Sync for Workgroups is available for download here.


Would you like to use the power of Sync in your business? Check out our Resilio Connect product.

  • Centrally managed
  • Headless agents
  • Scales to 10,000s of agents and TBs of data
  • P2P, no cloud required
  • 100% file transfer success rate

We also posted the mobile version to the different app stores
Sync works better than its competitors. It’s peer-to-peer and cloud-free, so it works whether the internet is up or down, it has no single point of failure, and it is much faster than any cloud-based solution. It’s also secure: only encrypted data moves, and your files stay on your devices.

The migration process is a seamless part of Sync 2.4 installation for desktop, and a few simple steps for mobile. Earlier versions with BitTorrent Sync branding will remain available, but only Resilio Sync will be updated in the future. For more information see the upgrade FAQ

The Sync Team

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