Announcing Sync 2.5

We are excited to announce the release of Sync 2.5. Our team has been cooking up some awesome new features that we know you’ll love.

Sync is the leading peer-to-peer file sharing tool empowering start-ups, organizations, and individuals with high speed secure file transfers. Sync continues to outperform traditional cloud-based and other file transfer solutions when it comes to speed, scalability, and security.

Now, for what’s new under the hood of Sync will rock your world. We’ve rejuvenated our efforts for a more powerful and faster engine driving your file sharing experience.

What’s New in Sync 2.5

Folder Sync Status – The folder sync status is back. Now it is easy to tell if a folder is synced or not. When it’s not synced, you can easily to tell why.

Locked Files – Sometimes files are locked by the application that uses them. This is very common with Microsoft Office, Outlook, Adobe, and others. Locked files cannot be synced. Now, with Sync 2.5, you can easily see a list of locked files being used, and if applicable, tell Sync to ignore them.

While in most cases ignoring a file is not a good idea, in some instances it is the best choice to make. For example, it is usually safe to ignore temp Office files like *.~pst or *.~tmp.

Improved history – The sync history view was greatly improved, offering expanded visibility into all of the important tasks you’ve entrusted to Sync. We added more events, view filters, sorting, and search capability. With a few clicks, you can now see all the recent errors & warnings, or see all the info related to a specific file.

One Time Send – Now you can send one or more files to multiple recipients without sharing the whole folder or creating a permanent sync connection. Simply right-click on a file and select “Share with Resilio Sync“. With Sync Home Pro, you can send photos, videos, movies, or any other large file directly to friends. Sync Business enables you to send design documents, video files, VMs, logs, memory dumps, and more to co-workers, partners, and customers.

More Efficient Data Transfers – We enhanced the byte-level diff detection algorithm and added a file-level deduplication capabilities. Sync is now the most efficient file syncing solution on the market. After all, the fastest data on your network is the data you never have to (re-)send.


Sync Business Accelerator

The newest product we are rolling out in parallel to the Sync 2.5 release is Sync Business Accelerator. The Business Accelerator is a must-have solution for scaling global business over poor or distant internet connections.

WAN Acceleration – Sync Business Accelerator uses a WAN optimized protocol to overcome network loss and latency, moving large files at high speeds over any network, good or bad. We’ve designed the Business Accelerator to transfer at speeds that are 100s of times faster than legacy transfer tools like ftp, http, and rsync.

Sync Business Accelerator is the perfect tool for:

  • Collaboration across the world on creative files with WAN optimized transfers
  • Continuous server synchronization of devices across the globe
  • Ad hoc WAN optimization that can run on any device

The new WAN optimized product can be combined with the standard Sync Business product where the first is used for remote office connectivity and the latter is used for in-office collaboration. You can even combine Accelerators in a multi-point configuration to achieve even higher aggregate transfer speeds. The possibilities are limitless.

One Time Send With Business Accelerator – Combine the new One Time Send with Business Accelerator for an amplified performance when you are sending massive files over slow internet connections.

  • Send huge media assets to collaborate on creative projects across offices
  • Customers can easily receive and digest large creative content
  • Move large log files and memory dumps around the office
  • Guarantee that every large file is successfully sent to its final destination

Better Products Come With Better Names  

We’ve long felt that our product names did not properly convey the power and creativity that our community often expressed when putting our products to use. For example, Sync for Workgroups has been used by teams and used by IT. It’s been used by Creative Professionals and Techies alike and we wanted a name that better sets the proper context for this powerful, but efficient product.

Sync Business is just that. For Business. Any Business, no matter the size. Likewise, Sync Home and Sync Home Pro allow you to express that same creative genius, but in a personal context and in ways that Sync has long been known for since our humble beginnings with the beta release of btsync.

Download Sync Home for free;  Get 50% Sync Home Pro using the promo code 50OFFSYNC (expires June-18)

Test out Sync Business Accelerator free for 14 days

Happy Syncing!
Bri Wyre


We are excited to announce the release of Sync 2.5. Our team has been cooking up some awesome new features that we know you'll love.

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